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Blogging Monthly Review: I Launched My First Digital Product

A major win for this month is that I finally launched my first digital product–an online class with Skillshare!

It's important to review your monthly goals for your blog. In this review, I share with you how I launched my first digital product on my blog!
It’s important to review your monthly goals for your blog. In this review, I share with you how I launched my first digital product on my blog! #bloggingtips #onlinecourse

Wouldn’t it be great to slay those goals that you set for your creative biz?

One of the ways to stay on track to achieving those goals is by monitoring your progress, so you can review what works and doesn’t. 

One of my main goals for 2019 was to launch a digital product. 

And it finally happened in June! 

Before I get into the details of how launching an online course manifested and is slowly allowing me to live my dream life and actualise the goals in my vision board, let’s take a look at my June statistics at a glance: 

Bounce rate: 74.15%

Average time spent on my site: 1 min and 39 seconds 

Total number of subscribers: 67

Facebook page followers: 1955

Twitter: 548

Pinterest: 245

Bounce Rate

Despite the lack of regular blog post updates, my blog’s bounce rate remained more or less the same compared to previous months. 

I used to emphasize bounce rates in previous updates, but I’m grateful that Chris shared his insights on one of my previous blogging monthly reviews about how the bounce rate is just when a person doesn’t explore your other posts or pages in your site. 

After they read your post on that specific page, they exit or “bounce out” instead of reading more content from your blog.

My main takeaways from his super informative comment were that it’s better to focus on how long someone spends time on your blog and that bounce rate will generally be higher for newer blogs. 

So if you have a new blog and your bounce rate is quite high, this is totally normal! 

In June, on average, people stayed in my site for 1 min and 39 seconds. This is such a huge improvement from May where people stayed on my blog for an average of 40 seconds.

How I plan to improve: Focus on creating content that will make people want to stick around and read my other blog posts. This means continuing to link to other related posts and focusing on growing my blog traffic

Email Subscribers

For June, I hit 67 e-mail subscribers! This makes me so happy since I’m so close to hitting my 100 subscriber goal, which I can hopefully achieve this year.

The growth is slow, but it’s also because I haven’t been promoting my freebie and haven’t posted anything new in two months. 

How I plan to improve: Tweak my opt-in freebie & next month I’m planning to test out a newer and more fun way to grow my email list.

Pinterest Review 

I’ve been reading a lot of success stories online about how a lot of bloggers use Pinterest to boom their blog traffic when starting out. 

It’s honestly such an inspiration to see that if they were able to do it then it is possible for me too. 

My highest monthly unique views (MUVs) for Pinterest was at 40,000 views, but MUVs are not directly proportional to blog traffic. 

More than these MUVs, it’s about the click-through rate or how many people click read on your blog post versus those who see your pin in their feed.

My strategy for the last few months of the year will to really zoom in on Pinterest to leverage the potential for blog traffic.

How I plan to improve: I’m going to be testing out different Pinterest strategies and retake a Pinterest course I bought earlier this year. I’m also thinking about purchasing another Pinterest course. I will start to create new pins weekly for blog posts and pins that are performing well. 

Top Performing Posts 

Despite the lack of new blog posts, these are the top-performing posts in June and most of these posts are evergreen or pillar content–content that is relevant no matter the season. 

I focus on creating content that can be shared any time and not really stick to any trend or season. 

Even though seasonal content can also be a big driver for traffic, that’s just not my jam at the moment. 

Here are the top posts for June:





This is proof of the importance of creating evergreen content (with proper SEO research) versus writing whatever you feel like writing.

It is about having a blog strategy in place. 

I’ll definitely be creating more posts revolving blogging & content creation. 

I created a poll on Instagram asking my community which content they want to see and the majority still voted for content creation over travel content. 

My goals for July:

  • Get back to my weekly posting schedule
  • Get my first 10 referrals on Skillshare 
  • Focus on Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog

Other major wins

When I was mapping out my goals in my content calendar at the beginning of the year, one of my major milestones was to launch an online course. 

Over the months, I tweaked and refined my monthly goals in my content calendar to fit what was currently going on in my life and there was a time I considered pushing back the launch date to the fourth quarter because I was so busy with my day job.

However, in the second week of April, I got an email from Skillshare inviting me to teach and create my own online course on their platform.

Skillshare assisted me throughout the process, which really helped me stay accountable and remain on track, especially during the weeks that would get so busy.

Things finally fell into place and I was finally able to launch my online course on July 1. 

Over to you! How did you do with your blogging goals this month? Let me know in the comments below what your goals are this July! 

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

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