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3 Areas You Should Update In Your Website

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When you don’t work in the digital marketing industry, it can be hard to make a decision about what areas of your website or blog is best to update and when.

Reviewing which aspects of your website make an impression, you could narrow it down to, well… everything. 

Some areas make more of an impact than others and let’s explore some of these vital aspects to help you. 


Website Speed 

No one likes to be kept waiting, so why should it be different for your online consumers?

Your website’s loading and run-time are vital to retaining your audience. 

The difference between 7 seconds and 3 seconds can seem like years in internet time. 

You can harness the power of a super-fast web hosting provider to make sure the pages of your website are responding punctually to the click of your users.

Slow website speed negatively impacts your bounce rate. 

Users will leave if they don’t see their clicks being responded to fast enough by your website. 

Another factor to consider here would be your website design.

Latest design trends reflect that websites need to be simple and fast, so you need to ensure your website can keep up. 

The solution? 

Reduce your image and video size and choose a web hosting provider which delivers the speed service that you expect to get based on what you’re paying for.

Software Updates 

With more people purchasing online in the last few months, ensuring data security for their personal details comes down to your website being up to date. 

Ensuring your website is updated is a crucial factor in protecting your website from potential hacker attacks. 

Technology must be kept updated with the latest bug fixes and software protection. 

If not, you risk damaging your businesses reputation and data too. 

Phishing scams and the stealing of personal and financial information can be avoided by ensuring you have the proper security measures in place.

If you operate Content Management System (CMS) software on your website, then it must also be updated. 

And your website security must align with the industry standards in place.

Responsive Web Design

With the majority of people using their phones to access the internet, it is only fitting that your website is mobile-friendly. 

Responsive web design helps attract over 50% of consumers online.

Mobile-friendly designs ensure that your customers and website visitors will have a smooth experience accessing your website. 

Your customers will love being able to access your website without logging onto their computers, and you will gain more conversions and consumer interest. 

If you need help with a mobile-friendly website, Stockport website design agencies are digital marketing industry professionals. 

They will aid you with your digital strategy, whether you require a new website, Search Engine Optimisation or Social Media Management help. 

You can rely on digital marketing experts to level up your website. 

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  1. Indeed, these three are the holy grail of website and content creation. Thanks for sharing these!