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Expand Your Visibility with These 3 Advertising Packages for Bloggers

Advertising packages for bloggers

AD – Own Product

Do you want to expand your blog visibility and reach more people?

Then keep reading to find out about the three advertising packages I put together to help bloggers promote their blogs.

While there are different types of advertisements in a blog, these advertising packages were created with bloggers in mind, and I wanted to offer something different (and a little extra!) for those who get the premium package.

These packages aim to help you promote and grow your blog.

Why should you advertise your blog?

Whether you’re a new blogger or an established blogger, advertising your blog increases your reach and brand awareness.

Your blog will get promoted via email marketing, on different social media pages weekly, and even a dedicated post about your blog depending of course on which package you avail of.

All advertisers also get month-long exposure on my blog through sidebar ads.

And each roundup post of the month’s advertising bloggers will stay on the site.


There are three packages, which are:


Best Hit

Top Management

Curious to find out what each advertising package entails?

Here are the inclusions of each package:


advertising for bloggers start up package


1 Monthly roundup post of all advertisers* with your blog description, a link to your blog and a link to 1 post you want highlighted

1 monthly email shoutout 

1 ad spot at the bottom of each blog post for 1 month


advertising for bloggers best hit package


1 Monthly roundup post of all advertisers*  with your blog description, a link to your blog and links to 2 posts you want highlighted

1 monthly email shoutout 

1 spot at the bottom of each blog post for 1 month

Weekly re-pinning of 2 posts of your choice to relevant Pinterest boards

Weekly shoutouts on Twitter and Facebook


advertising for bloggers top management package


1 Monthly roundup post of all advertisers* with your blog description, a link to your blog and links to 3 posts you want highlighted

1 dedicated blog post to feature your blog through an interview-style type of post 

Weekly re-pinning of 2 posts of your choice to relevant Pinterest boards

1 monthly email shoutout 

1 ad spot at the bottom of each blog post for 1 month

Weekly re-pinning of 2 posts of your choice to relevant Pinterest boards

Weekly shout outs on Twitter and Facebook

*Please note that links will be marked as sponsored.

Bookings are now open!

These ad packages are exclusively for bloggers only.

If you are a brand or a company who wants to book an advertising spot or collaborate on a sponsored post, please get in touch with me at hi[at]izzymatias.com. Thank you.

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Book an advertising package now:

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  1. Hey Izzy

    Amazing write-up. I just love reading your blog. Your blog is a complete package of wonderful ideas and different tools for advertising packages for newbie bloggers. I do agree that for expanding the visibility of your blog and to reach more people advertisement play a key role and help you to promote and grow your blog.

    Advertising your blog is important whether you are a new blogger or established blogger because it helps to increase your reach and brand awareness. The advertising package mention by you in this post is really very useful, which people should be aware of. I genuinely appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info.

    Best Regards,

  2. This is very important content. Lots of people want to start a blog but then realize that nobody is going to do it. These are great ways to advertise your blog that people should be aware of.

  3. Barshan Turno says:

    Needful content! Keep creating content like this.Tons of love for you.

  4. I’ve actually been wanting to offer this on my website but it seems so complicated! Do you know of a step by step guide to doing this?

    1. Not at the moment, but I could write up a blog post about how I used Podia to create these packages 🙂

  5. I started advertising with other bloggers this month so I’ll definitely keep your blog in mind for the future!

  6. Oh this is very interesting. Would you say this is a more effective way of advertising your blog than the traditional Google Ads?

    1. I haven’t tried advertising my blog via Google Ads, but I’ve been advertising with fellow bloggers. 🙂

  7. Stephanie Mullen says:

    These are some great packages! I love your blog! Wonderful ideas and tools for us bloggers.
    So grateful I found you.

  8. I am saving this link- once I move from a wordpress. com site to .org and get hosting, I may be hitting you up. This is a great opportunity you’re offering!

    1. Thank you, Daphne! And best of luck to moving to WordPress.org. That’s so exciting 🙂

  9. I’m excited that you launched ad spots on your blog! I’ve been looking at ad packages lately though I haven’t made any purchases yet. If I ever do, yours will be one of those that I’ll consider as well.

    Also, I love how you have segmented your packages into different tiers, and I can truly see how they would cater to different needs.

    All the best, Izzy!

    1. Thank you too for your help with these packages, Ming! I appreciate it 🙂

  10. Wow, this sounds amazing! So good of you to help other bloggers out!

  11. I know that advertising spots can be really helpful for bloggers! A few bloggers that I follow religiously do a monthly round up of their advertisers and I get to find lots of new blogs and bloggers through it.

    It’s not something I currently do for my blog but I would consider it if my audience wanted to!


    1. Yes I’ve been investing in ads for bloggers and it’s great to discover new blogs through that as well! 🙂

  12. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Monthly advertising can really be a hit, I’ll be looking into these! Thanks for sharing x

  13. Great packages here Izzy. I hope they are really successful for you, it’s a great tool for other bloggers but also for you x

    1. Thank you so much, Claire! I’m excited to be able to help fellow bloggers promote their blogs through these ad packages 🙂

  14. Thanks so much for sharing, such an interesting blog post. Can’t wait to find out some more 🙂