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Blogging Monthly Review: I Didn’t Reach My Goals and What I Plan to Do About It

Boy, these blogging monthly reviews really do keep you accountable. 

As I sat down to write this monthly review post, I realised that I did not finish or even accomplish the majority of my goals. 

At first, I felt super disappointed in myself. They were just four goals, right? How come I didn’t even get to achieve them? 

It got me thinking: where did all my time go this month? I mean, I know I was extra busy in February, but what did I prioritize over my blogging goals?

Before I go on, let’s do a quick recap of my February goals, and then I’ll be discussing my progress for each in detail. 

My February Goals

  1. Do a test run for my membership as if I’m a customer to check that everything works seamlessly and works right! 
  2. Soft launch the membership
  3. Integrate existing posts from my blog into membership platform
  4. Apply to 1 sponsored opportunity

Do a test run for my membership 

I did start on this, but I was not able to finish doing a complete run, meaning to check that all the systems work and that nothing is broken.

This also allows me to check my customer journey: what steps they take when purchasing a subscription, and what is the easiest way for them to access my content inside The Content Chest. 

Basically, check the funnel in place and fix anything lacking. And automate what needs to be automated.

If you’re interested in reading more about what exactly I set up and put in place, that’ll be in next month’s full blogging review inside The Content Chest

Soft launch the membership

I did not soft launch the membership. This is mainly because I wanted to have enough content to schedule out in case things get too busy.

And I was really busy this month with my freelance projects. 

What I’m afraid of is launching the membership prematurely and not updating it with enough posts.

I want to ensure that there’s lots of content and that it gives lots of value to my members inside whether you’re a General Admission or All Access member! 

Integrate existing posts from my blog into membership platform

This one I was able to do, but not all the posts I wanted.

It’ll take time to do this, but I’m excited since I have a strategy in place on how to execute it so it’s not too overwhelming for both me and my members.

One of the posts I did get to work on and integrate already inside The Content Chest is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners + Free Platform to Help You Start.

What I did was to update the article to include more value and then add a call-to-action to check out The Content Chest for additional exclusive resources on that specific topic. 

Apply to 1 sponsored opportunity

This specific goal I chose not to execute because of the new freelance project I had.

For one, the sponsored opportunity I was applying for paid less than what my freelance project was paying me. So it wasn’t worth the effort at least that month since I had a lot on my plate.

I would be over committing myself, and adding an extra unnecessary mental burden. I chose to prioritise my mental health over making extra cash. 

Now that I’ve done a recap of my February goals and my progress for each goal, I was able to give more thought as to why I didn’t hit the majority of my blogging goals.

The reason why was a big reality check.

I reflected on what I learned because of not hitting these blogging goals, what were the challenges as well as what I’m doing to overcome these inside the expanded and exclusive section of my Blogging Monthly Review post inside The Content Chest.

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  1. Graham Crosby says:

    An interesting read in terms of blog development. Never mind about missing out on those goals though… there’s always next month!