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The Ultimate Advertising for Bloggers Directory

Ever wanted to book an advertising for bloggers package but didn’t know which blogs offered these services? 

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to advertise with other blogs you haven’t before. 

This advertising for bloggers directory is for you if you want to know which blogs to advertise with based on their domain authority score as well as what they offer. 

Because as bloggers, one of the ways we can expand our visibility is to book advertising packages for bloggers.

This not only increases our reach but promotes our content with fellow bloggers and a new audience. 

I created this directory as a way to both centralise all the information in one place and help bloggers when they need to book an advertising package. 

I’ve also organized this advertising for bloggers directory by domain authority(DA) using Small SEO tools Domain Authority Checker–in case that’s what you’re looking for.

But I would also like to make a disclaimer that it is up to you to please double check their blog advertising packages and if they’re still active as well as most updated DA as they may have updated their packages after this post was published as DA scores regularly fluctuate. 

What’s in the advertising for bloggers directory: 

  • Blog description gotten from their about page or blog sidebar description 
  • Number of packages available 
  • Domain authority (DA)
  • Advertising package inclusions
  • Price range 
  • Direct link to the blogger’s advertising package 
  • How to book an advertising package with the blogger 

In the advertising package inclusions section, I’ve listed the inclusions as a general enumeration of everything available across all their packages.  This means that the inclusions you get depend on what package you book, so please check that carefully. 

In the how to book section, I’ve included a direct link to where you can book their advertising for bloggers packages so you can check what are the inclusions per package in detail,  so that you can choose the best option for you. 

Note: in this post, I will be giving you a sneak peek into the Advertising for Bloggers Directory. You get access to the full directory with 30+ blogs offering advertising inside The Content Chest community

This Advertising for Bloggers Directory is updated as of June 2022  

DA 10+ 

Dating Bitch

Blog description: The Dating Bitch is a feminist-driven lifestyle and relationship blog dedicated to the millennial woman.

DA: 10

Number of ad packages available: 3 (Basic Bitch, Premium Bitch and Combo Special)

Inclusions: Sidebar ad, backlinks in existing posts, monthly newsletter feature,  inclusion in all emails of the month and dedicated email promoting your blog depending on which package you book

Price range: $3 ~ $15 

Link to advertising packages: https://www.datingbitch.com/advertise-with-me/ 

How to book: email deardatingb[at]gmail.com 

Ellie’s Little World

DA: 10

Number of ad packages available: 2 (Package 1 & 2) 

Inclusions: Bloggers You Should Follow This Month blog post, promotional tweets for your blog posts, Twitter follow shoutouts, Instagram follow  shoutouts, monthly favorites blog post feature 

Price range: £3.50 – £5 

Link to advertising packages: https://ellieslittleworld.com/2021/07/16/advertise-with-me/ 

How to book: email elliewright650[at]gmail.com

Simply Alex Jean 

Blog description: A lifestyle blog focused on helping you learn more about essential oils, organization ideas and ways to help improve your health and the space around you. 

DA: 10

Number of ad packages available:  2 (package 1 & 2)

Inclusions: Twitter promotional tweets, Instagram shoutout, sidebar ad, Meet the Advertisers post, Twitter shoutout

Price range: $9 – $14 

Link to advertising packages: https://simplyalexjean.com/work-with-me/advertise-with-me/ 

How to book: Fill out the form at https://simplyalexjean.com/work-with-me/advertise-with-me/ 

Olivia Lucie Blake 

Blog description: A lifestyle blog filled with freebies, trips and tricks about life, the world and blogging

DA: 11

Number of ad packages available: 2 (package 1 and package 2) 

Inclusions: advertisement at the end of a blog post, sidebar ad 

Price range: £3.99 – £7.50

Link to advertising packages: https://olivialucieblake.com/advertising  

How to book: 

Rachael Hawksworth

Blog description: A lifestyle blog focused on helping you live your best life

DA:  12

Number of ad packages available: 2 (blog sponsorship and podcast sponsorship)

Inclusions: featured blog post, email and weekly shares on social media

Price range: £5

Link to advertising packages:  https://rachaelhawksworth.com/meet-my-february-sponsors/ 

How to book: email Rachael[at]Rachaelhawksworth.com 

Sarah Marie 

Blog description: A lifestyle blog that covers blogging, business, social media, productivity, law of attraction and manifestation 

DA: 12 

Number of ad packages available: 2 (basic, premium) 

Inclusions: Meet the Advertisers post, sidebar ad, Twitter shoutouts, sharing your blog posts on either Twitter or Pinterest, newsletter feature 

Price range: $3.50 – $5.50 

Link to advertising packages:  https://www.sarahmarie.blog/advertising-slots-for-sarah-marie/  

How to book: email sarah[at]sarahmarie.blog with the subject “BLOG ADVERTISING” 

Izzy Matias 

Blog description: A lifestyle blog by Izzy Matias, a multi-passionate creator who shares her fangirl approach to life. She helps content creators build their dream blogs by being unapologetically themselves through The Content Chest community.

DA: 13 

Number of ad packages available: 3 (start-up, best hit and top management) 

Inclusions: monthly roundup post, weekly re-pinning of 2 posts, 1 monthly email shoutout, 1 ad spot at the bottom of each blog post for 1 month, weekly shoutouts on Twitter and Facebook and a dedicated blog post to feature your blog through an interview-style type of post 

Price range: $7.50 ​​~ $22.50 

Link to advertising packages:  https://www.izzymatias.com/advertising-bloggers/ 

Bonus: Those who are VIP or All Access members of The Content Chest are automatically part of the monthly advertising post to promote their blog. Aside from that members with the Upper Box tier or above get a shout out with a link to their blog in this dedicated page on my blog.

How to book: Purchase a package at these direct links:Start-Up, Best Hit and Top Management or through the shop page

Advertising for Bloggers: StartUp Package Advertising for Bloggers: Best Hit Package Advertising for Bloggers: Top Management Package

Those are just some of the blogs that offer advertising for bloggers with a domain authority of 10 or above. The full list containing the 30+ blogs offering advertising plus those DA 15+ to DA 50+ blog is inside The Content Chest community. I also regularly update the Advertising For Bloggers Directory there. 

If you are a blogger who offers advertising for bloggers and would like your packages to be included in this directory, please send me an email at hi[at]izzymatias.com.

COMING SOON: In my next post I’ll be sharing with you my monthly blogging recap for the month of June, so stay tuned for that.


Want to advertise your blog? Check out the Ultimate Advertising For Bloggers Directory to find out which blogs you can advertise your blog with and grow your visibility

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  1. This is such a great idea for a post for people to go with all advertising packages in one place. I’d love my blog to be featured! I’ll definitely keep checking back to this for any higher DA blog’s, as I’m always looking for some to advertise with!

    1. Thank you, Jenny!! And yes of course. Your blog is actually already feature inside The Content Chest community. I’ll email you about it too. ☺️

  2. Wow, this is such a great resource. There are so many bloggers offering advertising packages and having them in one place is convenient. Thanks for sharing.