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A Blogging Community To Help You Build Your Dream Blog And Have Fun 

Discover a supportive blogging community and content creator community to help you build and grow your dream blog and content creation journey

There are a few things they never told us about starting a blog or becoming a content creator.

Some posts make it seem like starting and growing as a blogger and content creator is as easy as one, two, click. 

But it can be quite overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. 

It’s a steep learning curve, which can be fun if you love a good challenge, but super overwhelming that you may end up delaying or never starting, or worse, abandon ship because you feel like you’re getting nowhere. 

No one’s reading or liking your posts. 

How the heck do you get into PR lists or book sponsored collaborations?!

Affiliate marketing? It’s not working.

It’s all crickets.

And it can feel extremely lonely at times. 

Maybe you can’t find a support system because maybe your IRL friends or even family isn’t exactly all that thrilled about you being a blogger or creator. 

And here’s another shocker: sometimes certain tasks are, well, boring. 

You’d rather be writing than creating and scheduling Pinterest pins. 

You wish someone else could do that tedious task. 

And maybe, even, sometimes, you feel like blogging or creating content has gotten boring too. 

Finding people who just get you, support you, and help you makes a big difference, doesn’t it? 

And especially when you get to learn from each other too! 

This is where a supportive, wholesome, and curious blogging community can help. 

And is exactly the kind of community I’m building inside The Content Chest

A Blogging Community & Content Creator Community

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m super excited to introduce The Content Chest to help you build and grow your dream blog and share your bliss. 

Whether you call it a blogging community or a content creator community, it’s a place for bloggers, creatives, and content creators to come together, learn to grow together all while supporting each other. 

One of the things I love about blogging is the blogging community so I wanted to create an avenue that’s different from your typical Facebook group. 

Yes, there will be threads to connect with each other, but also threads to ask for feedback, and promote your blogs and even affiliate links! 

Because when we support each other, we grow together. 

Aside from that, you will get access to exclusive, extra content. 

The Content Chest membership features exclusive content such as in-depth blogging how-tos like this Affiliate Marketing For Beginners + A Free Platform to Help You Start and insightful guides like the KPop Marketing Strategies to Help You Be a Better Content Creator as well as fun content that covers KDrama reviews and monthly playlists for those who also enjoy lifestyle content.

It’s both informative and fun because growing as a creative and content creator doesn’t have to be boring, overwhelming or lonely!! 

It’s about finding that balance to learn and grow while having fun and enjoying what you create content about.  

blogging community and content creator community called The Content Chest logo
So who is The Content Chest for? 

Content Creators



KPop & KDrama Fans 

Even if you’re not a KPop fan, you may still enjoy the What You Can Learn from KPop Series inside the membership as it delves into how you can apply KPop marketing strategies to you as a blogger and content creator.

Because KPop, KDrama, and Hallyu culture have blown up over the last few years, and it’s not all by accident either. It’s because of how they do their marketing, which is brilliant, by the way! 

What’s Inside The Content Chest? 

The Content Chest membership is organized by topics.

Here’s what you can find inside The Content Chest: 

Blogging & Business Tips

Blogging Monthly Review

Comment Threads

Community Board (for us all to connect and learn from each other!)

Hallyu (KPop, KDrama, Korean Culture)


Music Chest


What Creators Can Learn From the Korean Wave

What Members Have to Say About The Content Chest

Awesome community & very educational!

“The Content Chest is an awesome community for all content creators, those who work in the creative industry, and those who are marketers. Members can learn the new Korean way of marketing, which is more creative, imaginative, and enjoyable. I like all of the content that Izzy shared in this community. All the content are not just about entertainment. They are also very educational. I highly recommend this community to you guys. Trust me, you guys won’t regret joining The Content Chest.”

Fadima Mooneira

Before joining the membership I was curious, but after I felt empowered.

I love the instructions on using the community and an update about different membership packages and topics available. It’s easy to navigate and puts a smile on my face. Sometimes as a blogger, you need others to lift you and remind you what’s important. Izzy does this! Remember that bloggers don’t have a colleague sitting next to them to show support. It can be lonely and it’s the reason the community support is so powerful and means so much.”

Loved my experience. It helps me with my blogging journey!

“This membership is a great idea and I totally loved my experience with it. I love seeing what other bloggers achieve throughout the month and if they have any problems. This helps me with my blogging journey. Another amazing idea is the blog and business section. It is great to have all of the tricks and tips that you want to read. No need to search for it. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this. Izzy did an amazing job with this.”
Charlotte Birchall

The Membership Plan

Here’s what you get as part of The Content Chest community:  

What’s in it for YOU:
  • Exclusive content (access to locked content from my blog posts)
  • First to access reviews & gift guides requested by the community which will be exclusively posted in the membership for 1 month before the review is posted on my blog publicly
  • Shout out to you & your blog (if you have a blog) in a dedicated post within the membership platform
  • Linking your blog (marked as sponsored) in a dedicated page on my blog
  • Private community platform
  • Ability to request what content you’d like me to create

Note: It takes up to 24 hours for your membership to be activated. Please wait for an email. If you still haven’t been granted access within 24 hours, please email hi@izzymatias.com.

Not just that, but 10% of profits also go to support a charity monthly. I want to be able to use this platform to also make a difference.

Note: Price is in Philippine peso, which is why I’ve included the approx. conversion in USD per plan.

So if you would like to join a supportive blogging community where you can learn to build and grow your dream blog, I would like to personally invite you to check out The Content Chest membership at izzymatias.com/the-content-chest

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  1. I love that you’re doing this for new/old bloggers, etc! It’s so lovely to be a source of support to our fellow content creators!

    1. Thank you so much, Molly!! Yes support goes a long way 💕

  2. What an amazing community you created. This community suits my content ~ I blog about lifestyle, Asian pop-culture, edutainment, travel & beauty. So I want to join this community. Please count me in, Izzy.

    1. Thank you, Fadima!! It’s what I’m aiming to create inside The Content Chest. I really want it to be a place where bloggers & content creators can come together, learn from each other and grow together. Oh that’s so great to hear I will send you a DM on how you can join. 🙂

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