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Full House KDrama Review

A light, funny but at times frustrating KDrama. Read the Full House KDrama review to find out what the show is about and if it’s worth watching.

Full House was a show that Netflix kept recommending to me, but didn’t really interest me much except for its name.  I thought of the American show with the same name even though I’ve never watched that other Full House. 

I finally watched it because of my mom. Funnily enough, she started watching it because I had recommended it to her by saying, “Netflix keeps showing me this Kdrama called Full House and says I have a 90% chance of liking it based on my previous watched shows.” 

I was busy with work, so she got a head-start on watching it. She was a few episodes in when she told me to also watch it. I did mainly because I kept hearing her laugh whenever she’d watch it. 

Full House Kdrama Review

Full House is a light romantic comedy KDrama about an aspiring writer (Han Ji Eun) and a famous actor (Lee Young Jae) who agree to a marriage by contract to fulfill a desire each wants. Han Ji Eun wants to get her house back after being scammed and Lee Young Jae wants to get back at his first love and make her jealous by getting married. 

In the beginning, I felt so bad for Han Ji Eun because her two closest friends, the people she trusts the most in the world, scammed her. They drove her away from her house for a few days only to sell it off so that they could pay off their debt because they have a baby on the way. 

I couldn’t believe they’d do that to her, especially because they knew how much the house means to Han Ji Eun. The house, so aptly named “Full House” was built and given its name by her deceased father. She’s an orphan who lives in the house alone. Lee Young Jae, who Han Ji Eun meets on the plane to her “dream vacation” – the same vacation she had been deceived into taking – was now the new owner of Full House.

She refuses to give up her house, and eventually Lee Young Jae agrees to let her stay and buy back the house from him by doing the chores. Later on, Lee Young Jae proposes that he and Han Ji Eun get “fake married” with an expiry date. They would divorce in six months with her alimony being the house. 



And, Full House, is an accurate name for the show, as it not only represents what her late father said as a “house full of love”.

It is also a representation of both Han Ji Eun and Lee Young Jae’s deepest desires. For Han Ji Eun, it’s to live in her childhood home, the most precious thing and to also live out her father’s wish based on the meaning of “Full House”.

For Lee Young Jae, it’s to grow old in a house with the one he loves. While the love story is the focus of the show, so is Full House. Majority of the show takes place inside Full House, and the pair’s back-and-forth blooming, yet misunderstood love story. 

Since the main couple are “fake” married, they have a whole charade to keep up to the whole world. And this also means Lee Young Jae’s family, who he doesn’t have a good relationship with. However, Han Ji Eun is eager to play the good daughter-in-law, and finally experience the bonds of a family. This is something she’s been missing since her parents died. She then gets attached to his family and it gets harder to keep up the charade because she knows she has to eventually say goodbye to them.

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  1. Oh wow!!! I love Full House. It’s a classic K-drama. Song Hye Kyo and Rain were very young in this drama. I watched this drama more than 3 times already.

    1. It is a classic. I can’t believe I only watched it recently! Is it one of your favorite KDramas?