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Review: Ghost Town by MoonBin & Sanha

Astro’s sub-unit Moonbin and Sanha just released their latest single called Ghost Town.

The music video starts off kind of slow with guitar plucking. It transitions into hip-hop style.

The music video is quite dark with its black and white background, red skies and even lightning. There’s even a number flashed behind them.

At first, I thought the percentages were decreasing into a negative number, but upon re-watching the music video, it seems to be the other way around. The percentage increases as if it’s charging until it’s 100%.

I wonder what this means and if Ghost Town is connected to Moonbin & Sanha’s first title track called “Bad Idea” from their previous mini-album.

I love the whole vibe of the music video and the song. It’s something I didn’t expect because it’s so different from their past releases.

That’s what I love about Astro. They surprise you with different genres and every time I find myself loving their music more and more.

Majority of “Ghost Town” is sung in English, so at first, I was thrown off by my excitement. I thought it was going to be an all English song. Later on, I realized some lines are sung in Korean.

I was also impressed and excited that MoonBin and Sanha rapped. They’re not the main rappers of Astro, but they did well.

I really enjoyed “Ghost Town” and every time I play it, I just have to vibe to the beat. I’m really looking forward to their comeback this March.

What do you think of Ghost Town? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh this music video looks so great. Thanks so much for sharing it

  2. Interesting! I haven’t watch this MV yet. Will check it out later. Thank you for sharing.