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What You Need To Know About Yunkisnow Bacolod: A KPop Store In Bacolod

Come with me to Yunkisnow Bacolod KPop store! 

In the last two years, I’ve become a Kpop fan and delved into the exciting world of Kpop, learned about the Kpop terms fans use and even their marketing strategies that can be applied to bloggers and content creators to grow our blogs and businesses.

It’s really an interesting and exciting new world!

So I recently flew to Bacolod for a quick trip to fix family matters, but knew I wanted to drop by a KPop store if time permitted. 

Before my trip, I did a quick Google search on what KPop store in Bacolod I could visit. 

Of the few that came out during my search, the one that was most accessible and nearest was Yunkisnow Bacolod. 

I wanted to visit a KPop cafe that also sold KPop merchandise, but unfortunately, it was temporarily closed. 

There was another KPop store in Bacolod which I only found out when I was back home, but they have multiple branches in Manila. 

So if ever you visit Bacolod or live in Bacolod and want to visit a Kpop store in Bacolod, then Yunkisnow should be on your list.

5 Things To Know About Yunkisnow Bacolod

Here’s what you need to know about this KPop store in Bacolod for when you visit! 

Its location 

One thing nice about Yunkisnow Bacolod is that it is located in one of the main streets of the city: Lacson St. While Lacson street is a long stretch, you can find Yunkisnow at Mayfair Plaza building. 


Its physical store in Mayfair Plaza is relatively New  

While you can order from them online, their physical store in Mayfair Plaza opened seven months ago. 

It’s also very clean inside the shop and has an aircon. 

Their store hours

Yunkisnow Bacolod is open from 10am to 6pm inside Mayfair Plaza.


They carry a wide variety of KPop merchandise 

As an Aroha, I normally don’t find much Astro albums or merchandise especially their older albums, but I found both versions of Astro’s Gateway album which was released in May 2020 in Yunkisnow Bacolod! 

Not only that, I even found a number of Astro photocards too. 

Aside from Astro merchandise, there was a lot of BTS merchandise and albums. 

They had photocard holders, toploaders, stickers, posters, pillows, keychains, unsealed and sealed albums, photocards and even Korean fashion at the store. 

For their photocards, they had the following artists: BTS, Seventeen, Twice, Blackpink, New Jeans, IU, IZONE, ITZY, STAYC, KEP1ER, IVE, AESPA, Astro, Enhypen, Treasure, NCT, TXT, Stray Kids, and more!  


The different ways you can pay 

Aside from paying via cash, I was happy to discover that you can pay using GCash too. I wasn’t able to ask about credit card payments though.

Bonus content: tips on making the most of your visit to Yunkisnow Bacolod

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There you have it! Those are the 5 things you need to know about Yunkisnow Bacolod! Have you or do you plan to visit? 

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