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KPop Marketing Strategies To Help You Be A Better Content Creator

Learn the different KPop marketing strategies that KPop artists use to grow their brand so that you can become a better content creator

Learning through the lens of KPop as a content creator isn’t something you’d normally expect, is it? 

But KPop can teach you a thing or two about how to be a better content creator through these KPop marketing strategies. 

There’s a lot you can learn from the KPop industry and KPop idols. 

In the Philippines, there’s at least one person you know who’s into KPop, KDrama, and Korean culture—or maybe even all three. And it’s not by chance either. 

As I continue to learn more about the KPop industry as an avid fan of KPop group Astro, I’ve come to realise that KPop is just so darn good at marketing. 

Just look at how KPop idols have very, very loyal fans eagerly awaiting their favourite KPop group’s next social media update, next comeback (music release), and latest merchandise release. 

KPop merchandise sell like hotcakes and fans are ready to buy whatever merchandise their favourite groups offer. This is because KPop groups have built such strong communities of fans to the point that when they don’t update, you miss them.

Yes, you miss them. I can relate as an Astro fan. There are times I miss Astro even if I haven’t even met them personally. I find comfort in their music as well as their content online, and it’s been exciting for me to witness their career milestones and new music releases. There’s just so much to look forward to. 

And there’s so much to analyse and learn from KPop, so this article is the first of an ongoing series on what you can learn from KPop. 

This post will be your starting point and quick guide to what you can learn to become a better content creator.

Majority of the items on this list have been what I’ve observed, experienced and learned from being an avid Astro fan, and casual fan of other KPop groups.

As I continue to learn more about KPop, I’ll be updating the list inside The Content Chest as I find more lessons, and link to the in-depth guides of each specific lesson in this list as they go live. 

Ready to learn what KPop marketing strategies can help you become a better content creator? Let’s go!

What You Can Learn as a Content Creator From These KPop Marketing Strategies 

Commitment to showing up online 

KPop artists constantly update their social media platforms or social networking sites (SNS) as they call it. 

It’s not always daily and these updates are for their different SNS accounts. Today it could be on Instagram, tomorrow on Twitter, the next day on a KPop app. 

If not the artists themselves, their staff posts to update fans of their upcoming and ongoing schedules such as a music show broadcast or a tv show appearance. 

Read more about how KPop can teach you how to build a strong digital presence in this post!

Showing up online constantly brings me to my next point…


Yes. This “C” word. It’s a real struggle to be consistent, isn’t it? 

But being consistent doesn’t mean that you have to post every single day.

Nah, that could lead to burnout if you don’t have a plan. 

And if posting every day is too much of a workload for you especially if you have a 9-5 job or other major things going on in your life. 

KPop artists are consistent in showing up. 

And it’s not just their selfies or going live on the VLive app or Instagram, but it’s the content from the reality shows or Korean dramas or radio guest appearances or magazine interviews. 

There is just so much content online. SO MUCH. 

Aside from that, the company (entertainment company as they are referred to in KPop) usually has events planned for birthdays, anniversaries, announcements of projects. 

Read more about what KPop can teach you on why consistency is key.

Creating a loyal, thriving community 

KPop groups are great at building a loyal, thriving community. 

Of course, this is because of many factors: their music, the personalities that they show online, their consistency in posting content, and their hard work. 

During the periods that they don’t release new music or have a comeback, they release vlogs or create their own reality shows on YouTube or with a partner tv program. 

Coming out with lots of content keeps the fans happy and loyal. 

Speaking of fans, they make up such a huge part of the community aspect. They spearhead so many events to help their KPop idols get more promotion and album sales. 


One of the ways KPop idols expand their reach and visibility and get discovered is through collaborations. 

These collaborations can be through special stages with other KPop idols, doing covers, appearing as a guest on a podcast or tv show, or doing TikTok challenges with other KPop idols

What happens is if you’re a fan of another KPop group, and then watch a special stage performance of a group of KPop idols from different groups covering a song, you’ll learn about other groups. 

Maybe one of the other KPop idols catches your eye, and you then discover a new KPop group. 

You may even become a loyal supporter of that group later on. Here’s an example of a group of KPop idols covering a song.

Build hype when they release new music 

Whenever KPop idols are about to release new music or have a comeback, there are several things they do to build hype. 

They release teasers everyday or every other day leading up to the album release date. 

These usually include the track list, how many album versions, album inclusions, the concept or theme of each album version, video teaser trailers per member, a highlight medley of each song in the album which teases a few seconds of each song. 

This not only makes fans super excited for the release but also warms them up for the sale. During the height of the excitement, the company announces pre-orders, and even fan signs, which are meet and greet sessions. Even during the pandemic, these physical fan signs became 1:1 online video calls with their favorite group or artist.

These are not all the KPop marketing strategies that KPop artists implement to promote themselves and grow their brands. There are five more KPop marketing strategies that you can learn from to become a better content creator inside The Content Chest membership. Aside from this, I’ll be including how you can apply these KPop marketing strategies as a content creator with specific steps in the upcoming posts inside the membership. Click here to learn more about The Content Chest.

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  1. I liked a different perspective. Like a benchmark to look for in a way. Consistency is key but also difficult at times. I’ve never done pre marketing of my posts so yea, learned that now. Thanks. Liked reading it! Xx
    Isa. Blogger

    1. Thank you, Isa!! Yes, consistency really is difficult especially when things get busy. What’s important is to keep going–even after you’ve taken a break! 🙂 So glad you liked reading this post

  2. As a kpop fan and a blogger, I find this post very helpful. Thank you for the insight. 🙂

    1. So nice to hear from you, Zineb!!! And so glad you found this helpful. Which are your fave KPop groups? 🙂

  3. Cool post, Izzy. Everything you said is true. Studying about K-pop helps you to become a better content creator. It gives you new and unique ideas, and also enhances your creativity. That’s why I study about K-pop everyday.

    1. Thank you, Fadima!! It really does give you new ideas and a unique perspective and yes the creativity!!!! 🙂