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Top 15+ Romantic Comedy KDrama Shows That’ll Make You Swoon

Do you ever find comfort in watching television shows? 

That same kind of comfort you get when you wear your favorite hoodie on a cold, gloomy day. That’s what romantic comedy KDrama shows are for me. 

If you’ve never watched a KDrama before, let me warn you that they are addicting, heart-warming, and at times heart-breaking too. 

But romantic comedy KDrama shows have become one of my sources of comfort like KPop. 

KDramas and KPop have a way of making you feel like the world is okay again, if only for a brief moment. 
It’s comfort, joy and a form of escapism during the challenging, tough times. 

Because for those moments when you watch a scene that makes you laugh out loud until your stomach cramps or you feel like you’re falling in love with the main characters, you forget your anxieties or the hardships of the world. 

For me, KDramas and KPop, particularly Astro, became my comfort during the pandemic. 

At a time I felt lost and scared and didn’t know what to do, they gave me hope and joy. 

And something to look forward to everyday even if it was as simple as a new episode to watch or a new song to listen to on loop. 

One of the things that sets romantic comedy KDrama shows apart from other television shows is the slow burn and (mostly) wholesome romance. 

You’ll laugh, sympathize, and root for the main couple to finally get together despite the obstacles when it’s clear they have feelings for each other. 

You’ll squeal with delight when they hold hands or hug. 

And when they finally kiss, you’ll melt into a puddle of mush. 

Romantic comedy KDramas are my favorite genre at the moment so I put together this list to share my happiness with you. 

It’s no wonder that they’re becoming popular globally, too.  

There are more than 20 romantic comedy KDrama shows for you to check out in this list. I’ve included a short description of each show, the big conflicts, a trailer, where to buy official merchandise such as the OST as well as trigger warnings.

I also have bonus content inside The Content Chest membership like where you can find out what I liked and didn’t like about each drama, and a “this drama is for you if you like…” section.

I also created this bingo template for you to use on Instagram. Please tag me at @izzmatias if you use it!

romantic comedy kdrama bingo

15+ Romantic Comedy Kdrama Shows 

Fight For My Way

Trigger warning: violence, hearing loss, abandonment  

Fight For My Way is about four childhood friends who go through the ups and downs of young adulthood as they pursue their dreams. 

For Ko Dong-Man, he wants to be a successful MMA fighter while his best friend Choi Ae-Ra wants to be an announcer. Their best friends Kim Joo-Man wants to be a successful employee while Baek Seol-Hee’s dream is to become a mom. Both Joo-Man and Seol-Hee have been together for a while already when the drama starts, and many expect them to get married. 

Big conflicts: The challenges that Ko Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra face while pursuing their dreams and how Choi Ae-ra can’t stand to see Ko Dong-Man getting beaten up as an athlete 

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She Was Pretty

Trigger warning: car accident, panic attacks, anxiety, bullying, appearance/body-shaming 

She Was Pretty is a childhood best friends-to-lovers story, but with an interesting twist. Ji Sung-Joon and Kim Hye-Jin met as neighbors and became best friends. When they were kids, Hye-Jin was the beautiful best friend, and Sung-Joon was the awkward, shy one. However, they lost touch when Ji Sung-Joon had to move abroad. 

Years later, we find Hye-Jin living with her best friend Ha-Ri, and Hye-Jin is struggling to hold down a full-time job. Ji Sung-Joon contacts her saying he is back in Korea and would like to meet up, and both agree. However, Ji Sung-Joon doesn’t recognise her. Hye-Jin is now insecure because of her looks and her lack of a job, and asks her friend Ha-Ri to go as her instead. However Hye-Jin lands a job at a fashion magazine only to find out that the new editor is Ji Sung-Joon. 

Because of this, a complicated love triangle arises. Ji Sung-Joon likes the fake Hye-Jin, Ha-Ri likes Ji Sung-Joon; however, Ji Sung-Joon starts to have feelings for the real Hye-Jin unaware that she is the real Hye-Jin. The real Hye-Jin also likes Ji Sung-Joon and so does Ha-Ri. Not to mention, there’s a gem of a second male lead, Kim Shin-hyuk. This is one of the few dramas where I was rooting for the second lead (Kim Shin-hyuk) to end up with the lead girl (Hye-Jin). 

Big conflicts:  Hye-Jin having to hide her identity to Ji Sung-Joon despite having feeling for him and Ji Sung-Joon falling for office Hye-Jin 

So I Married the Anti-Fan

Trigger warning: attempted suicide 

So I Married the Anti-Fan is a story about Geun-yeong, a journalist who loses her job because of a misunderstanding with a KPop idol, Hu Jun. Because of this, she becomes his #1 anti-fan and garners lots of media attention and ends up starring in a reality show with Hu Jun called So I Married the Anti-Fan. This KDrama is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice but set in the KPop industry. 

Big conflicts: How Hu Jun became a top star and how it affected his relationship with his two closest friends, the misunderstanding between Hu Jun and  Geun-yeong


Business Proposal 

Trigger warning: car accident

Business Proposal is a story about Shin Ha-Ri, a food researcher at GO Foods, who goes on a blind date pretending to be her best friend, Jin Young-seo. It gets complicated when she finds out that her date, Kang Tae-mo, is the President of GO Foods, and must hide her real identity at work. 

Big conflicts:  Shin Ha-Ri hiding her identity,  Kang Tae-mo’s grandfather wants him to marry a specific kind of woman 

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Trigger warning: kidnapping, suicide 

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is a story about vice-chairman Lee Young-joon and his secretary, Kim Mi-so. The story begins when she unexpectedly tells him she will resign after being his secretary for almost a decade. It is due to this shocking announcement that he does whatever it takes to make her stay and later on learns that he actually has feelings for her. 

Big conflicts: How Lee Young-joon can make Kim Mi-so stay as his secretary, the mystery between his dark past,  Lee Young-joon’s brother 

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True Beauty

Trigger warning: car accident, infidelity, suicide, bullying 

True Beauty is a coming-of-age story about a female high school student who is bullied for her appearance. Lim Jugyeong learns about makeup and uses it to start fresh, make friends, and fit in at her new school where she is now seen as a goddess for her appearance.

There, she meets Lee Suho, the handsome but guarded top student, who also has a dark past of his own.

They discover each other’s painful past and bond over horror comics all while trying to keep Lim Jugyeong’s secret from the rest of the school. 

You will enjoy this KDrama if you like the enemies-to-lovers trope. While it may appear as another cliche drama in terms of the plot, one nice lesson you will learn is self-love.

Another element that made it funny are the use of parody scenes from other well-known KDramas like Crash Landing On You and Goblin.

Big conflicts: Jugyeong hiding how she looks like without makeup, numerous bullying attempts especially of those close to her  

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My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

Trigger warning: operation, surgery, bullying, suicide, divorce, physical abuse 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a story about a female student who battles with self-love due to her appearance so she had major surgery done to her face before entering College.

Kang Mi-rae grew up being harshly bullied because she was seen as ugly. While she had surgery done so that she could start afresh, people were now making fun of her new face.

In her department, she bumps into an old schoolmate, Do-Kyung Seok, who she’s afraid will recognise her despite her new face and reveal her old face to her new College friends. However, Do-Kyung Seok couldn’t care less about appearances and what people think. He’s got enough problems of his own. 

Big conflicts: Mi-rae’s insecurity and lack of confidence 

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Full House

Trigger warning: verbal and emotional abuse 

Full House is a light romance KDrama about an aspiring writer Han Ji Eun and famous actor Lee Young Jae who agree to a marriage by contract to fulfill a desire each wants. Han Ji Eun wants to get her house back after being scammed and Lee Young Jae wants to make his first love jealous by getting married.

Big conflicts: Han Ji Eun and Lee Young Jae’s push and pull relationship

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The Secret Life of My Secretary


Trigger warning: accident, loss of vision leading to scary looking faces, catfishing

The Secret Life of My Secretary is a story about Jung Gal-hee, a secretary who goes on a date with her manager Do Min-ik while pretending to be someone else. At the beginning of the drama, Jung Gal-hee is about to lose her job, but due to her manager’s accident where he develops a medical condition that he can’t recognise faces–except for hers–he realises how much he needs her in his life to continue living as if he has no medical condition. 

Big conflicts: Jung Gal-hee hiding her real identity from her boss

Rookie Historian Go Hae-ryung

Trigger warnings: pandemic, murder, violence, corruption, betrayal 

I’m not one of historical dramas because there’s so much bloodshed, betrayal, corruption,and murder. However, this one is my favorite historical drama because I love the gender role reversal here: strong-willed, unconventional female lead, Goo Hae-Ryung, is paired with the innocent, sheltered but adorable male lead Prince Lee Rim. 

Goo Hae-Ryung leads the relationship and Prince Lee Rim supports her in whatever way he can. Two, it talks about feminism and integrity. There’s always some evil plotting on who gets the throne or how the throne was acquired when it comes to historical dramas. Goo Hae-Ryung plays a part in revolutionizing history since it takes place when the first female historians were appointed, and how they tried to always steer it back to integrity despite people looking down on them for being female. 

Big conflicts: who is the real heir to the throne, the forbidden relationship between the prince and a historian 

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Trigger warning: illness, abandonment, weight loss, eating disorder, pervert, name-calling related to weight  

Kim Bok-joo, a female weightlifter, accidentally meets Jung Joon-hyung, a fellow athlete in the swimming department, and the two realise that they met when they were kids. 
The story revolves around the lives of Kim Bok-Joo and Jung Joon-hyung as they navigate young adulthood and first loves while pursuing their dreams together with their fellow athlete friends. Kim Bok-Joo originally falls for Jung Joon-hyung’s older brother, a weight loss doctor. The conflict begins when she goes to his clinic because of her crush, but she actually has to gain weight as an athlete so that she has a higher chance of winning in her upcoming competition. 

Big conflicts: Kim Bok-Joo signing up for a weightloss clinic to spend time with her crush but she’s supposed to gain weight for her competition, her one-sided crush on Joon-hyung’s older brother, Kim Bok-Joo’s relationship with her roommate,  Joon-hyung’s ex-girlfriend

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Our Beloved Summer 

Trigger warning: abandonment, plagiarism 

Our Beloved Summer is about two ex-lovers who cross paths years later to film a sequel to the documentary they shot in High School. The story begins with the documentary that Kook Yeon-su and Choi Ung are filming while in High School.

The documentary follows the lives of the highest and lowest-ranking students of the school. The first episode shows you how different both leads are in terms of personality and their priorities in life.  Early on, you’ll be able to tell that it’s going to be opposites attract type of love story. Since they were total opposites, they tended to clash a lot. And at times, you’d wonder, “so how did they even end up together?” But they did.

Big conflicts: the tension and unresolved feelings between Kook Yeon-su and Choi Ung

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Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Trigger warning: suicide, death, car accident, panic attacks, anxiety, guilt 

Yoon Hye-Jin spontaneously recolates to the small, seaside town of Gongjin when she loses her job because of her integrity. It is here she meets Hong Du-Sik, an all-around part-timer with a huge heart and willingness to help, but has a secret dark past. While they start off awkward and on the wrong foot, there is no way they can avoid each other in such a small town with its charming, chatty townsfolk. Not to mention that every time she needs any sort of help, Hong Du-sik appears before her. 

Big conflicts: the dark past of Du-sik and Hye-Jin’s personality clashes with the villagers 

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I Am Not a Robot

Trigger warning: extreme allergic reaction, car accident, betrayal, panic

Ji-A is an ambitious, street smart creative entrepreneur whose dream is to sell a successful, innovative product; however, she works part-time jobs as a toy shopper to make ends meet. She is then recruited by her ex-boyfriend to pretend to be a robot who looks exactly like her but is named Aji 3 when the real Aji 3 breaks down right before an important test run. Min-Kyu, a top and successful executive of his company,  is considering purchasing Aji 3 as an investment but it depends on the success of the test run with the robot. However, unknown to them, Min-Kyu has a fatal allergy to human touch, which is why he secludes himself from the world. 

Big conflicts: the team hiding Ji-A true identity, Min-Kyu’s allergy to human touch

You Are Beautiful 

Also known as “He is Beautiful” KDrama

Trigger warning: extreme allergic reaction, abandonment, orphan, verbal abuse

Ko Mi-Nam, an aspiring nun who grew up in a convent, is about to relocate to Rome, when her world changes. Her identical twin brother Ko Mi-Nyeo got into the famous band, A.N.JELL., but had to go to America due to an injury, and now their manager is asking Ko Mi-Nam to do a Parent Trap where she pretends to be her twin brother. 

Ko Mi-Nam agrees because it’s to help her brother even if she’s hesitant to trick people; however, things get complicated when the members of A.N.JELL., particularly lead vocalist, Hwang Tae-Kyeong, begins to suspect something and eventually finds out her secret. 

Big conflicts: hiding Mi-Nam’s true identity as a female and how it affects everyone in the group and of course her growing feelings for one of her members  

Legend of the Blue Sea

Trigger warning: murder, suicide 

Sim Chung is a mermaid who washes up in a hotel where conman Joon-Jae is staying while in Spain. While it may appear that this is their first time meeting, they were actually lovers in their previous life, but their love story ended tragically. The story progresses as Sim Chung swims to Seoul to follow Joon-Jae after falling in love with him. As they grow closer, he finds himself slowly recalling his past life with her, and how modern-day, they face similar threats from their previous life. Will they have a happy ending?

Big conflicts: the link between past and present and how to avoid the same tragic ending as the past 

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Extra Ordinary You 

Trigger warning: murder, heart disease, surgery 

Eun Dan-O is a student with a heart disease who discovers that she is a character from a comic book after several memory loss incidents. And that life on-stage, meaning during the comic book scenes, are different from her off-stage life. On-stage, she is engaged to Beak Kyung. Off-stage, she finds herself drawn to an unnamed, unknown character, who she names as Ha-Roo. Later on, she discovers that she and Ha-Roo are connected in a previous comic book story, and that the author reuses the same characters, but in different plots. She rebels against her written character afraid to die due to her heart disease, but every time she goes off script, it results in serious consequences. 

Big conflicts: how Dan-o would change her fate (her character is supposed to die in the comic) despite her efforts not seeing any results 

Run On 

Trigger warning: divorce, orphan, bullying, violence, guns

Oh Mi-Joo enjoys her job as an English-Korean translator who creates subtitles for movies while Ki Seon-Gyeom is a promising athlete as national runner with a strong sense of justice and integrity. He quits his promising career to stand up for his beliefs and gets close to Oh Mi-Joo where they learn about the importance of communication not just with family, but in relationships and work.  

Big conflicts: Seon-Gyeom’s stubbornness and tall walls that at first he finds it hard to express himself and communicate and let people in 

Touch Your Heart 

Trigger warning: violence, murder, abuse

Oh Yoon-Seo is known for her fame and looks but not her talent when it comes to acting. Due to a scandal, she has to lay low and has a hard time making a comeback as an actress. In order to be considered for a role she desperately wants to play for her comeback, she is required to work as a secretary for a lawyer–the same profession as the character she wants to play in a drama in order to improve her acting. There, she meets her work boss, attorney Kwon Jung-Rok, who is known to be cold and stuck up. Their personalities clash at first, but she learns how to be a diligent secretary and learns to fall in love for the first time.  

Big conflicts: how Yoon-Seo would prove herself to Jung-Rok as a good employee despite starting off on the wrong foot and make a comeback after her scandal, and also for Jung-Rok, it’s how he also has strong integrity and tries to correct a major mistake in his career 

Because This is My First Life 

Yoon Ji-Ho is a screenwriter who is in need of a new place to stay when her house is given to her brother. Nam Se-Hee is a serious, but successful developer who is in search of a housemate to cut on his monthly mortgage. Yoon Ji-Ho and Nam Se-Hee become housemates and eventually agree to a marriage by contract in order to secure the house. 

Big conflicts: how to keep up the charade that it’s a fake marriage 

Crash Landing On You

Trigger warning: violence, murder, war

Yoon Se-Ri, a successful business woman and heiress, crash lands in North Korea due to a paragliding accident. At first, she doesn’t believe she’s landed in North Korea when officer Ri Jeong-Hyeok discovers her hanging from a tree. Usually a stickler for rules, Ri Jeong-Hyeok helps Yoon Se-Ri to make it back to South Korea instead of turning her in, and that’s when things get dangerously complicated. Not to mention, the attraction between them that develops as they spend more time with each other. 

Big conflicts: how Ri Jeong-Hyeok will be able to get Se-ri safely back to South Korea and of course the safety of everyone involved especially as the bad guys slowly have their suspicions about Se-Ri

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Trigger warning: verbal abuse, gender discrimination 

Seo Yoo-Kyung is an aspiring chef who works at an Italian restaurant called La Sfera. After being promoted, a new head chef, Chef Choi Hyun Wook takes over but proclaims that there is no room for females in his kitchen and fires her. However, she is strong-willed, and keeps showing up to work because it’s her dream to become a pasta chef in La Sfera. Despite his no-females-in-the-kitchen rule, Chef Choi Hyun Wook is clearly attracted to Seo Yoo-Kyung. 

Big conflicts: how will Yoo-Kyung achieve her dream if she’s fired and she’s clearly attracted to the chef who fired her 

Romance is a Bonus Book

Trigger warning: divorce, discrimination 

Kang Dan-Yi was a rising copywriter back in the day, but quit to become a housewife. Years later, she is a divorcee who wants to get back into the workforce but is finding it hard to because of her big unemployment gap despite her amazing skills. Desperate to work again because she is broke and needs to provide for her daughter, she lies about her resume, and gets into a publishing company–the very same one where her close friend Cha Eun-Ho works as the chief editor. He discovers she is homeless and lets her stay with him, but things get complicated when they start to have feelings for each other despite being friends for a long time and their age gap. 

Big conflicts: hiding Dan-Yi’s real work history and the age gap between her and Cha Eun-Ho. 

Shooting Stars

Trigger warning: stalking, hate, anti-fan, suicide

Shooting Stars (Sh**ting Stars) is a story about college friends Oh Han Byeol, PR head at Starforce Entertainment, and Starforce’s most famous actor, Gong Tae Sung. Though they’ve been friends for a long time, they never see eye-to-eye and constantly bicker and fight. The story begins upon Gong Tae Sung’s arrival after being away in Africa for a year. And the big mystery is whether or not Oh Han Byeol was the reason he left for Africa. 

Big conflicts: Oh Han Byeol’s being very guarded about her heart and feelings as well as keeping the romance a secret. Aside from that, it was how the death of one of their close friends affected them and those around them. 

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  1. Oh wow… I watched some of these dramas and absolutely love them! I’m now binge-watching Park Min Young’s latest drama, Forecasting Love & Weather.

    1. Yay glad that we have similar KDrama taste! What do you think of Forecasting Love & Weather? I finished last month 🙂

  2. I haven’t watched any of these KDramas, but I definitely should! I’ve heard about I Am Not a Robot and Romance is a Bonus Book so maybe I’ll start there.
    Also I love the bingo card!

    1. I’m so excited for you! Let me know if you do and what you think of those dramas 🙂