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KDrama Chat: The Fabulous Episode 1

The Fabulous is a new KDrama that was released on Netflix and I’d been excited about it since hearing about it in Netflix’s TuDum! As it just came out, I wanted to also do discussion threads and recaps with you through the KDrama Chat series. Let’s start with The Fabulous episode 1.

The Fabulous is a romantic comedy KDrama about the lives of four professionals and best friends who work in the fashion industry: a marketer, photographer, model and designer.

Trigger warning: [I’ll be updating this as I watch the show!]

Disclaimer: there are spoilers


The Fabulous Episode 1

The Fabulous Episode 1 reaction and discussion

In episode 1, we learn about The Fabulous’ main quartet and their struggles in love and their careers in fashion. So much happens in this episode–so far it’s still a pretty light KDrama–I’m intrigued to keep on watching.

Before we move on to the discussion, let me introduce to you the main characters of the show:

Pyo Ji-eun, the lead girl and impulsive PR professional, Ji U-min, the lead guy, meek photographer and ex-boyfriend of Pyo Ji-eun, Joseph, the confident fashion designer and Ye Seon Ho, the stunning runway model. 

The Fabulous episode 1 begins with Ji-eun waking up in someone’s bed. We’re not sure who’s bed yet, but this mystery is solved in the first half of the episode.

My first thought when seeing this scene was that it felt more like I was watching an American show than a Korean drama because of the context.

We then get a glimpse of the anticipation, excitement, pressure and preparation surrounding a fashion show.

In this case, the fashion show of Joseph where their friend Seon Ho is one of the models.

The show reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada because of the fashion industry and the romantic comedy KDrama Fight For My Way which also revolves around the stories of four best friends chasing their dreams.

We see how Joseph is meticulous in preparing for his show and even fires a model on the spot–it’s not specified why but I think he gets the vibe she’s not ready to walk the runway yet–but this backfires on him later on.

Seon Ho is one of his models for the show and I believe is the star too, so this gives me the impression is a top model in the industry.

We then see Ji-Eun arriving to support Joseph, who is talking to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of a prestigious fashion publication and she gives me Miranda Presley vibes, but not as cold or intimidating.

There’s also a stylist (or designer) with this Editor-in-Chief and the way she talks to Joseph makes me think there’s some sort of rivalry going on.

I didn’t like her character because I felt like she was putting down Joseph in front of the EIC. Even if you’re a competitor, you shouldn’t belittle someone.

U-min arrives with his camera in tow and snaps a photo of Ji-eun and they banter for a while.

He’s teasing (and I think flirting too!) with her but then later on she’s with her boyfriend and U-min introduces himself as her ex-boyfriend to him.

Uh-oh. I smell trouble? Jealousy?

The fashion show then begins.

The concept of his collection and the fashion show is sirens and I am loving it because I’m a fan of mermaids!

The dresses weren’t to my liking, but I loved the concept and how his clothes used colors that represented his theme and that the runway had a projection of the sea waves. It was so cool!

But as with anything in KDrama land, nothing ever goes smoothly or according to plan.

And this is when the first challenge happens: just as Seon-Ho models the last piece–the highlight of the collection–and the time when Joseph is about to go out on the runway, there’s a blackout.

And we find out it’s intentional and done by the model he fired.

I felt bad for him. Imagine all that hard work and that famous EIC was there too. Talk about instant revenge!

After the show, the four best friends are at a club and Ji-Eun tries to cheer up Joseph even going as far to say that she sent her boyfriend home so she could be there for Joseph.

Seon Ho and U-min are there as well, but they don’t say much. They eventually end up getting drunk and dancing.

And the pivotal moment comes when Seon Ho pulls U-min who’s seated alone and pushes him to the dance floor and removes his shirt.

THE ABS! I gasped.

Of course he happens to end up in front of Ji-eun and well when you mix alcohol, the excitement of dancing, a hot shirtless man who happens to be your ex who seems to still be hung-up on his ex-girlfriend and was flirting with her earlier in the day together with the tension between them…

Well you can guess what happens next.

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Have you watched The Fabulous episode 1? What do you think of it? 

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  1. I am loving this content from you for 2023, it feels so exciting and I can feel your passion for it jumping off the screen! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds


    1. Thank you so much, Rosie!! Super appreciate it! It definitely is more work but it’s challenging me to create more content 🙂