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How to Create a Vision Board Online & Fulfill Your Creative Goals

How to create a vision board online that helps you follow through with your goals

Last updated on January 12, 2022

Imagine you’re in art class where you can be as creative as you want.

You have a whole period full of possibilities where there’s no pressure to get the highest grade, but to just enjoy the moment creating something that makes you happy.

What a thrill isn’t it?

That is what creative a vision board is like. Aside from that, a vision board’s purpose is to be daily reminder and a constant guiding light for your year or for how ever long you wish.

But wait, what is a vision board?

A vision board is where you keep all your dreams and goals posted in one space usually a cork board, a frame, a metal wall. The point is that it’s a spot that you look at many times during the day.

It’s a visual reminder of your goals.

So let’s say you want to become a successful content creator, you use this vision board as your source of inspiration and a reminder why you started.

I used to even keep a vision notebook that detailed all my dreams: having a toned body, living in an eco-friendly modern home one day, a home office (because even back in College I knew I wanted to eventually work from home), and studying abroad (this one happened!)

A vision board for creatives and content creators

When to make a vision board or how often should you make a vision board?

Whenever you want to or whenever you feel like you have new goals to achieve or a new vision for your life.

What a vision board looks like

What’s important is that your vision board resonates with you and makes you excited. If you want a more visual example of what a vision board could look like here’s part of mine!

I put the images side by side and cropped some images so that they are aligned. The images represent certain dreams and goals like getting 22k followers on TikTok, getting a new Macbook air, winning a 1:1 video call with my favourite KPop group and growing my blog traffic to meet the minimum requirement to apply to Mediavine. As you can also see, my current blog theme is on my vision board, so that one’s already come true!

Does a vision board have to have pictures?

While a lot of vision board examples are very visual, your vision board does not have to have pictures if you don’t want it to! You can still make a vision board using text or inspiration quotes.

How to make a vision board?

There is no right or wrong way to make a vision board. And that’s the beauty and fun of it. You create a vision board that fits your personality and your goals. It has to feel right for you. You should feel excited, motivated and happy when looking at it.

How to Create a Vision Board Online

Choose your vision board platform

The first thing you can do is to choose where you want your vision board to be.  

So if you want to make your vision board in on your Pinterest account, a Powerpoint presentation, a secret blog, Instagram feed, or using Canva, it’s up to you. Go with the medium that you love and see on a daily basis.

Do what works for you.

Can you make a vision board on your phone? Yes, you can.

You can use the Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote or even Google Docs mobile apps as your vision board platform.

In the past, I used to have my vision board in front of my desk on a metal grid board or on a cork board. One time, I even created a vision board notebook wherein I printed the images that resonated with me and my goals and stuck them there.

Later, on I switched to a digital format, so that I could create a vision board online.

Since I spend most of my time on my desk and laptop, it’s a good place to have all those daily reminders & goals to help me stay focused.

I even changed my desktop photo of my laptop my vision board collage. It definitely works as a reminder of my goals and I’m happy every time I look at it.

Compile your creative goals for the year

Go to Pinterest, Canva or Google and type your goals and find the photo or phrase that resonates the most with you in terms of that goal.

Why not try looking at stock photos sites like Unsplash or Styled Stock Society as well?

For example, if your goal is to make money with your blog, maybe the photo that resonates with you the most is that of a famous blogger who’s doing exactly that.

Maybe it’s  a photo of your dream home office space or a phrase like “affiliate boss blogger”

If you’re overwhelmed with what specific goals you want to achieve, you can start with a mini bucket list of what you want to achieve this year.

From that list, I would suggest to narrow it down into 3-4 big goals you really want to focus on and build your vision board from there.

One little tip for you is to put your purpose of why you create the content you do in your vision board.

Not only will this serve as a daily reminder, but during the times you feel like giving up or feel burnt out, you can remember why this goal is important to you.

Take a break, but don’t quit.

For me, this part is the most fun because I get excited choosing these photos, phrases or affirmations.

And it’s inspiring to see the photos because it feels as if you’ve already achieved these goals.

So, again, your next step is to go to look for these visual prompts of your creative goals that you’ll be placing or printing in your vision board.

Go on Pinterest, Unsplash or even Google to get inspiration flowing!


how to create a vision board and fulfill your creative goals

Make your creative goals actionable

Normally creating a vision board ends once you’ve posted and compiled all materials into your digital “board” and put it in a place you see every day. But I’m going to go further.  

While that’s all good and done, the crucial combination to making those dreams and goals into a reality is to take action and believe that your goals will become your reality.

You know that it’s going to happen. You truly believe. And so you take the necessary steps and act on your dreams to make it real.

I believe in The Secret and I’ve seen it work in my life: like the time I was able to study abroad in Oxford.

But I had to do the work and take action by looking for schools, preparing the requirements, and sending my application.

If you are not familiar with The Secret, it is a philosophy centered on the law of attraction.

What this means is that whatever you believe is what manifests in your life.

If you believe that you are unlucky because bad things keep happening to you, you keep seeing the negative things in your life.

Since you believe that you are unlucky, you attract situations and circumstances that make you feel this way and further drive the point for you to keep telling yourself, “see, I am unlucky!”

The opposite is also true.

When you feel grateful for what you have, great things are always coming your way; like brilliant shooting stars that never seem to fade.

How do vision boards work?

However, if you simply put up pretty photos and inspiring phrases up on your vision board and don’t do anything to make your goals happen, then how can they manifest into your life?

Yes, you believe, but you lack one last crucial ingredient: doing something.

For example, one of the big creative goals you have for this year is to grow your e-mail list to 1,000 subscribers.

If you don’t make an effort to learn more about email marketing, create an opt-in freebie or actively promote your e-mail list, then how on earth can you expect your list to grow to 1,000 subscribers?

To make your dreams come true, you have to commit to finding and creating opportunities for you.

Don’t wait around for a miracle.

Focus on making things happen so that miracle will come to you.

That’s one of my beliefs in life: making things happen for yourself.

When you want something but don’t see an opportunity, create the opportunity.

It can be as simple as reaching out and emailing a brand you’ve always wanted to work with or pitching via a platform like Intellifluence. The point is that you made it happen instead of waiting for that dream collaboration to happen.

If you don’t get a response, at least you tried. If you do, then the doors of endless possibilities have been opened. There’s no turning back!

It’s also how I made my dream of publishing a book a reality. I’d gotten countless rejections and then the pandemic hit so I didn’t know how to proceed. Later on, I decided to self-publish my book with Amazon and it even debuted as a #1 New Release in the Teen and Young Adult Music ebooks category.

So how do you incorporate this into your vision board?

Write at least one actionable step you commit to doing

Going back to my example of wanting to collaborate with brands, one step you can take is to send out a pitch a week to one brand or maybe research the press contact for all the brands you want to work with.

Be sure to print out this action step and place it beside or on top of the photo that represents this goal.

Doing this will feel like you’re one step closer to that dream because you’re actively doing something to make it into a reality as opposed to sitting around and waiting.  

Add a positive affirmation

You can choose to do this in two ways: incorporate your positive affirmations as big print-outs in your vision board or have one positive affirmation to go with each of your goals.

Regularly review the progress of your goals

Stay on track with achieving your goals by reviewing your progress.

Going back to the example of pitching to a brand, set aside a day once a week to check if you’ve been able to pitch to a brand as you said you would.

Reviewing your progress is also something I do with my blogging monthly reviews and keeping track of my blog statistics inside my content calendar. This helps me stay accountable.

The Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar

To recap, here’s how you can create a vision board:

1. Choose your vision board platform

2. Compile your creative goals for the year

3. Make your creative goals actionable

Remember: don’t pressure yourself to achieve these goals.


Your vision board serves as an inspiration and a source of excitement that your dreams are within reach especially when you believe and have faith that they will happen.

Good luck on creating your vision board online!

That’s it! Tag me in your photos on Instagram at @izzmatias. I’d love to see your actionable vision boards!

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  1. I loved this post so much 😍 and I like the energy you broadcast a lot! I picked some new ideas to recreate my vision board and I had fun reading through your suggestions. Can’t wait to put them into practice!

    1. Aw thank you so much, Vanessa!! So exciting that you’ll recreate your vision board. ☺️

  2. Great tips! I’ve read so much about vision boars but I’ve never made one myself. I should give it a go soon.

  3. I love a visions board, although i have written my goals. I have not put as a vision board just yet. Full moon intentions is another time to do them.

    Really enjoyed this post.

  4. Natalie Barletta says:

    I love this post! I have yet to make my 2022 vision board but it’s never too late. I will probably do one in my bullet journal. Great tips!

    1. They really are fun to do and yes they help in achieving your goals. Thank you too, Tiffany! 🙂

  5. I love this post so much! I really need to make a vision board for this year as I’ve laid out my goals and action plan but I like the idea of having something visual to look at x

  6. I love vision boards!