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Discover an Uplifting Ballad with Cha Eunwoo’s Focus on Me

A heartwarming but inspiring ballad: Cha Eunwoo Focus on Me

Astro’s Cha Eunwoo did a remake of Coffee Boy’s Focus On Me. The song is from the OST of Racket Boys, and was remade for The Villainess is a Marionette X.

Cha Eunwoo Focus on Me

There are two versions of the music video: you have the lyric version and visual version.

The lyric version features a slow-motion video of Eunwoo watching the snow fall from a deck while lyrics- a mix of English and Hangul – appear on screen.

His handwritten lyrics add a beautiful touch to an already heartwarming song.

The visual version of the music video focuses on Eunwoo inside a cozy room with Christmas decors—the same room he comes from before going out to the deck. You can feel the emotion from his soothing voice. He means every word of the song. It’s as if he’s saying them directly to you.

In both versions, the Christmas elements, whether that’s the snow or inside a cozy room with Christmas decor, it reminds me of the symbolism of snow which is peace and Christmas, a time of love.

The lyrics are inspiring, uplifting and so sweet. A definite comfort song during tough moments. It’s like warm cup of your favorite drink on a cold, hard day.

Focus on Me is a beautiful song with a lovely meaning.

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