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November in Review

 As I write down this blogging monthly review post, I can’t remember what I did in November. 

I remember being very busy but I guess the busyness wasn’t the type of activities that made it so memorable.

Is it just me or do you go through your camera roll or social media accounts to see what happened in this month? 

It was definitely busy work-wise with my non-blogging clients! 

If you didn’t know, I do consulting and freelance work too for other clients so blogging isn’t my main source of income now but the goal is that one day it’ll be.

It’s more like I got clients because of blogging and building my brand and network as a writer. 


Blog page views: 1,297

Twitter: 1271

TikTok: 1477

YouTube: 189

Instagram: 1297

Thoughts on Blog Statistics 

Page views are up again this month but I’m really aiming to break the 2,000 monthly page views this month, but my goal eventually would be to get 10,000 views a month then of course 50,000 views a month so I can apply for Mediavine! 

Tiktok has still seen a steady although slow growth. I don’t think I had any videos go viral–meaning more than 10k views–in November. 

Instagram has been growing too, but also slowly. I got a couple of new followers mostly because we thought Twitter was going to close down so I was heavily promoting my Instagram on Twitter for a while. But once that panic died down, I would get a new follower here or there. Another goal of mine would be to hit 10,000 follower on Instagram mostly so I can attract more brand collaborations since where I’m from they normally look at your follower count.

Top Posts for November

South Korea Itinerary: How To See 18 Places In 5 Days (First-time South Korea Travel Guide)

7+ Great Gifts for KDrama Fans

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Itaewon Class

I’m surprised at my top posts since gift guides for kdrama fans is the 2nd best performing one, but I guess it is the season for gift guides! 


Here’s what happened in November and what I could remember after going through my camera roll hahaha! It really was a blur.

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