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Blogging Monthly Review: A Month of Many Unexpected Wins

So many things happened in March. 

The first week of March, I had a bad migraine, horrible period cramps and then I got my booster shot while on my period. Not the best situation to be in. Thankfully, this time, I had no fever, but I was very sore and felt body aches for a few days. 

I was frustrated that I had to rest since in February I didn’t get to accomplish most of the goals I’d set.

This month I was determined to make it productive, but the first week of March was making it hard to do just that. But I had to prioritize my health over my goals.

However, there was a day during that week I felt relatively okay which was when I was able to sit down, reflect on my February goals and write my blogging monthly review for February. 

Because I was disappointed I didn’t make much progress with my goals the previous month, that very same day, I accomplished the pending items from last month which was to fix all the processes and test my membership as if I was a customer. 

Thankfully, I was able to do it in a day because the next few days I did not feel well. 

Before I get into what I had to relearn this month, let me share with you my March goals and progress with each. 

My March Goals

Soft launch the membership through my email list 

I was able to accomplish this goal since it was my priority for the month. I knew I did not want to waste time or push it back any longer. 

As one of my favorite quotes by Sheryl Sandberg says, “Done is better  than perfect.”

I made sure the systems and processes were in place, but I would not let my perfectionism or fear of launching get in the way of this goal. 

Yes, I was so scared to launch this because 1) what if no one would want to join? and 2) what if I couldn’t sustain churning out enough content for my membership on top of my multiple freelance projects and personal projects?

I did launch The Content Chest towards the end of March, and guess what? I got  good feedback and several people have expressed interest in The Content Chest membership! 

Schedule posts in advance for the membership (March, April) 

After that one week of unplanned rest, I felt so motivated to work on my goals once I was feeling better. 

I caught up on my to-do list  and was able to work and finish the KPop Marketing Strategies To Help You Be a Better Content Creator post that I’m so proud of. 

It’s something I’ve been wanting to write since January and I finally sat down and set aside time to write it. 

I had so much to say about each KPop marketing strategy that I decided to craft separate blog posts for each. And the full and detailed post about each Kpop marketing strategy will be available inside The Content Chest membership as they go live. 

I’ll still post a portion of the article here, but the practical and actionable tips will only be available for my members inside the Content Chest

In terms of scheduling these posts, so far I’ve finished 4 out of the 10 Kpop marketing strategies and I plan to publish 1 a month so at least I’ve got 1 blog post sorted out until July.

As I write this post, I only have 1 more blog post to write for April then I can focus on editing, creating graphics, and scheduling. I’m so glad how much content I wrote this month, especially since the month before I was so disappointed. 

Another thing I’m looking into is to get a VA to help me mostly schedule my content and pins. 

Take a sales boot camp to help me officially launch the membership in April

I decided to push this back since I had a big unforeseen expense this month. 

When I receive payment from one of my freelance projects, that’s when I’ll take this sales boot camp. 

I still really want to take it, but I don’t want to touch my emergency or retirement funds just to pay for this. 

That’s the progress on my blogging goals this month and I’m proud of my progress despite having to slow down the first week and last week (I got my period again the last few days of the month!) 

Aside from these goals, I wanted to share my wins for the month both related to blogging, and other personal goals. 

My other wins for this month 

  • Amazon affiliates account got approved and I reached the quota thanks to Sarah Marie! She was kind enough to use my Amazon affiliate links!  If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, here’s a starter’s guide plus an easy to use platform
  • Founding members joining The Content Chest
  • Had my first viral post on Tiktok that’s already at 81k views and my followers increased exponentially! At the start of March I only had 50+ subscribers and now it’s at 400+! That’s 600% growth! Now if only Instagram’s growth was like that too.   
  • A fangirl win this month is my bias wrecker from Astro, Moon Bin replied to my tweet
  • My blog statistics increased a lot this month:  
    • 15 % increase in the number of users who visited my blog
    • 23% increase in blog sessions
    • 30% increase in blog page views

Those were the unexpected wins I had this month especially that I was able to batch write my posts as well as soft launch The Content Chest membership. If you’re curious to read more about what I had to relearn this month and what my goals are for April, you can read the full post inside The Content Chest membership.

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  1. So many wins! Congrats on your launch! Good luck with everything to come.