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7+ Great Gifts for KDrama Fans

Your ultimate guide on gifts for KDrama fans 

If you know someone who enjoys watching Korean dramas, then why not give them something KDrama-related?

There are many gift ideas when it comes to giving something to a KDrama fan: from official merchandise to candles to even stuffed toys!

Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday or a special occasion, here’s a roundup of gifts for KDrama fans that’s sure to get them shouting in delight. 

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Official KDrama OSTs 

For lovers of music and KDrama, getting the official soundtrack (OST) would be a great gift to receive. Here are some famous KDrama OSTs you can purchase: 

For Shoppe and Lazada links:

Hometown Cha Cha Cha:


Crash Landing On You

Shopee | Lazada



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KDrama Plushies  

Ever noticed that KDramas love to feature plushies? Usually the lead guy either gifts the plushie to the lead girl or wins it at a game or vending machine. If you or someone you know loves stuffed toys or plushies, then this is perfect. It’s a cute gift for kdrama fans. 

Goblin Mr. Buckwheat plushie

 Shopee | Lazada

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim cow plushie

Shopee | Lazada

Crash Landing On You plushie

Shopee | Lazada

Legend of the Blue Sea octopus plushie 


Bonus: Chibi plushies from Common Room 

Soju chibi plushie

Yakult chibi plushie

Clothing and jewellery featured in KDramas 

KDrama fans will appreciate gifts of clothes and jewelry similar to the ones that appeared in their favorite dramas. For example, Eun Tak’s red scarf from Goblin and Jugyeong’s swan necklace from True Beauty.

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KDrama-inspired merchandise 

There are lots of online stores selling KDrama-inspired merchandise like tote bags, shirts and the like. Here are some gifts for kdrama fans that you can check out: 

Lazada links

Startup Shirt Start-up Shirt Kdrama Sandbox CEO Shirt T-shirt D2 Amazed

Eat Sleep Kdrama Repear shirt

Love Alarm Inspired Shirt

Hometown Cha Cha Cha Tote Bag

Candles that smell like your favorite idol or oppa

These candles are inspired by BTS, Park Seo Joon, Lee Min Ho and the like. Curious as to what these candles smell like? Then you’ll have to buy one for yourself or someone you know who likes these actors and idols. Check out the shop here.

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Season Greetings

If it’s your first time hearing of Season Greetings, they’re official merchandise for the new year featuring items like a desk calendar, planner and oftentimes photo cards. 

Hyun Bin 


Song Kang


KDrama Gift Box 

Want something extra? Then a gift box is the thing to get! These gift boxes contain not just one, but multiple items inspired by a KDrama. Check out this gift box by 3 Broke Chingus which contains a tote bag, mug, notepad and a greeting card.

And there you have it! A list of ideas of gifts for KDrama fans! What do you think of these gifts for KDrama fans?

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