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The Biggest Milk Tea Event in the Metro with Milksha

Filipinos LOVE milk tea—and that sounds like an understatement. When you go out, you can find a milk tea stall on every street and mall in major Philippine cities. However, with so many milk tea brands available today, only a few truly stand out for their drinks. One of them is Milksha—the most well-loved milk tea brand in Taiwan.

Milksha entered the Philippines in November 2021 thanks to Chowking, the country’s #1 Chinese restaurant.

It introduced four signature handcrafted drinks: Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte, Valrhona Cocoa Milk, Signature Taro Milk, and Wintermelon Lemon

These drinks differ from other milk tea brands because they’re made with fresh, high-quality milk and natural premium ingredients.

For instance, the Valrhona Cocoa Milk drink is made with high-grade luxury chocolate from France. Milksha’s Signature Taro Milk also uses high-quality taro from selected regions in Taiwan.

Taro milk tea

After seeing favorable demand for the brand in its first year in the Philippines, Chowking was happy to bring more Filipinos to the freshness and indulgence of Milksha milk tea at a pop-up event on Nov. 11-13 at SM Megamall. 

Valrhona Cocoa Milk

The event started with an introduction of Milksha—when it originated and how it gained its reputation as the top milk tea brand in Taiwan. 

Beverage experts also came up on stage to speak about the richness of Milksha’s drinks and demonstrate the meticulous process of making them.

Every ingredient and preparation method used in the process ensure drinkers get the most out of their authentic and handmade Milksha milk tea.

Beyond that, Milksha also promotes its drinks as an immersive tasting experience of natural flavors.

Local celebrities and influential personalities such as Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Khalil Ramos, Gabbi Garcia, and Miss Universe Queens Celeste Cortesi and Michelle Dee graced the event with other key influencers in the metro. They saw first-hand the careful preparation behind Milksha drinks and tried samples of them.

As a sweet treat to the public, Chowking offered a free upsize for all Milksha orders in its SM Megamall branch. What better way to try a new drink than getting more than what you paid for?

Through the event, Chowking successfully showed Filipinos what a gold-standard milk tea drink and experience looks like.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the fun and order your own Milksha Milk Tea at a Chowking near you! You can also order via chowkingdelivery.com, Foodpanda, or GrabFood.

Follow Milksha on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok; and Chowking’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates. 

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  1. I love milk tea and this sounds like it was a great event! There’s a cafe that opened in my city last year, and I’ve been there a ton to get milk tea and bubble tea.

  2. I dont have a Chowking near me but I can attest that milk tea is life haha the local shops in my area see me frequently 😮‍💨😂