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September in Review

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Last August 2022, I experienced a thrilling month of firsts; and this month those “firsts” continue but in very different ways! 

One was an AMAZING blogging opportunity that I’d applied for last year and got a confirmation from in August too!

I couldn’t share anything about it until it was live–but later on you’ll find out what it was..unless you’ve already seen the blog post.

Hint: it’s for one of the most well-known blogging resources in the blogging world. 

Another “first” was something I had been avoiding and hoped to avoid for as long as possible. So not a good “first” but you’ll find out more later on! 

But first, let’s get into blog statistics. 


Blog page views: 1188

Twitter: 1283

TikTok: 2277

YouTube: 186

Instagram: 1280 

Thoughts on Blog Statistics 

I’m  glad my page views increased from last month and hope to keep the momentum going.

Though they may not be tens of thousands of views (YET!), I’m celebrating small wins such as this. 

I lost a couple of Twitter followers and I suspect it’s because I’ve been posting more videos and more Korean content.

And this may not have been what some people originally followed me for since I used to post more blog and business tips. And that’s okay. The right people will stay and the right people will come along too! 

I’ve also been enjoying creating more video content over writing. I HONESTLY never thought I would be saying this!.

I’d been resistant to focusing on video content because:

It takes more energy to film

The time and effort to prepare before filming such as putting on makeup and straightening my hair takes FOOOREVER.

I’ve been camera shy for a long time but this has slowly started to change since consistently posting every month since late last year on Tiktok. 

But it’s like the more I create Tiktok videos, the easier it gets!

As with any craft, you improve over time. And somehow I’m finding it easier to create video content right now over writing.

Which is weird since last year I would have said the opposite!

I think mostly it’s because with Titkok, it’s short form content which is easier than YouTube videos unless you do YouTube Shorts.

Tiktok’s more spontaneous too and I’ve found my groove and process when creating content there too.

But of course, Tiktok is a social media platform which means I DON’T OWN my audience there.

It’s like I’m renting a piece of land whereas with a self-hosted WordPress blog, I have complete control of my content here.

I make the rules. And I don’t have to worry about someone kicking me out if I accidentally go against guidelines. 

Since I’m doing more Tiktok videos and own a ring light, the next thing I want to invest in is a portable ring light something like this ALLCACA selfie ring light stand for when I’m out and about or when I go on press trips abroad! 

But nonetheless, I’ve been enjoying creating my content there and am putting my focus there for my social media account. It’s my main social media account now.

Plus, when I look back I can’t believe how far I’ve come with Tiktok and how many opportunities have opened for me because of Tiktok, I can’t believe it.

Which is basically thanks to becoming a Kpop fan because of Astro.

I only opened a Tiktok account in 2021–after resisting it for SO LONG–to join the One dance challenge but personalizing it to the blogging community.

I only started to take Tiktok seriously in the fourth quarter of 2021 because one of my best friends was able to explode her growth on there.

She now has almost 50k followers and if I remember correctly, she only started her account in 2020. That growth is hard to come by on Instagram so I decided, why not give it a go?

Anyway speaking of Instagram and also YouTube, those accounts also grew this month.

I have a whole blog post coming soon about how I repurpose my content and my updated content strategy to work efficiently so as not to add more time creating content.

As they say work smart, not harder.

Because the reason I even wanted to become a blogger and creator is to be able to enjoy life and live on my own terms–and that means not always glued to my desk!

Going out there and being able to go to events, travel, spend time with my friends and family and experience many firsts. 

Top Posts for September

South Korea Itinerary: How To See 18 Places In 5 Days (First-time South Korea Travel Guide)

Top 15+ Romantic Comedy KDrama Shows That’ll Make You Swoon

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Itaewon Class

Like last month, these are still the top 3 posts. I haven’t been able to create more Korean content as much as I’d like to since I was sick the last week of September until early October. Also why this month in review post is a little delayed as well!  


Here’s what happened in September! 

I contributed to the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2022   

Never would I have imagined that when I first bought the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit in 2018 that I would become a contributor in 2022.

I got to contribute my course “How to Build a Money-Making Blog” to the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. What a pinch me moment!

I actually learned I got in the bundle in August but couldn’t announce anything until the bundle promotions were live which was in September.

I also got a copy of this year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and have already started on one of the courses and it’s been very helpful! Since finishing that course, I’ve gotten more offers to do sponsored collaborations!

I created more K-content on Tiktok

In September, I went out probably twice a week. 

Mostly still to do errands but one time I went to visit Glorietta’s Seoul Street Korean market. 

I wanted to visit to check out the KPop merch and film content for TikTok.

Nowadays I’m more adventurous thanks to TikTok because it makes me want to visit new places and try new things! 

There was also a new Korean grocery that opened in Alabang Town Center, so of course I had to visit and filmed a video and created a blog post! It was for No Brand Korean grocery

Aside from that I also filmed other Korean grocery store visits that I have yet to post both on the blog and on Tiktok! As a result, brands have reached out to me for collabs since seeing these videos!! 

Read the full post when you join the Content Chest community!

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How was your September 2022?

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  1. It’s interesting reading about how you grew your tiktok using blog posts. I’m not confident with being in front of the camera but I enjoy the writing more. I need to adapt to the modern world 😆

    1. Thank you! I was so hesitant before but now I’m enjoying creating videos! But I do still love writing 🙂