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August in Review: Most Exciting Month of 2022 So Far

As mentioned in my last monthly review posts, I’ll be switching up the format of these posts and will share more about my life and not just blog milestones. Also because my blog is about my fangirl approach to life so a lot of fangirl related posts are part of the lineup. 

August was a month of firsts and the most exciting thing and highlight of my year happened over a weekend and made August a favorite month.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram or read my previous month in review post, then you’ll know why August was so special. But I’ll tell you more about the details in this post because I want to share it with you!! 


Blog page views: 926

Twitter: 1287

TikTok: 2102

YouTube: 181

Instagram: 1273 

Thoughts on Blog Statistics 

Ever since I discovered which content does well (I’ve had a couple of videos go viral!) and that’s fun to create on TikTok, I never expected to go viral on Instagram too, but one of my reels hit more than 100,000 views! 

And to think I almost forgot about uploading that reel because originally the video was more than 2 minutes long and Instagram only allows you to upload up to a minute and 30.

This was the most unexpected thing in terms of my statistics. I want to leverage on the views and translate it to blog views too since one of my goals this year is to hit 10,000 monthly views a month and right now it seems far off.   

My call-to-action for my videos on Tiktok and Instagram is to invite people to check out the content chest but I think I’d like to include an early CTA within the video about the content chest and the final CTA to read more on my blog to drive traffic to the blog. 

Tiktok is still a winner when it comes to month-on-month growth, so I’ve really been focusing on creating content on Tiktok and then repurpose the videos to Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. 

Top Posts for August

South Korea Itinerary: How To See 18 Places In 5 Days (First-time South Korea Travel Guide)

Top 15+ Romantic Comedy KDrama Shows That’ll Make You Swoon

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Itaewon Class

It’s mostly the same three posts that have remained on my top 3 posts every month, which is K-content so aside from creator tips, I’ll be doubling down on creating these type of posts.  


Now for my highlights of August 2022! I feel that this is going to be the longest month in review post so far. 

I attended Cha Eunwoo’s fan meeting and got a rose from him!  

I have SO much to say about this day. It was so magical. Everything aligned perfectly and fell into place. 

Prior to the show, I messaged a few friends about how anxious I was about going. I almost didn’t even go. I went to 2 therapy sessions: one to prepare myself mentally and another after the fanmeet. 

Ever since the fan meeting was announced in June, every day I prayed so hard to God to help me make the right decision. I wanted to go, but I was so scared I’d get sick and infect my household. I even quarantined myself for 5 days and took a PCR test just to be extra safe. 

A week before the actual fanmeet, every hour I’d change my mind about going. It was mental torture. But a few days before the fan meet, I got a message from one of the publications I’ve been writing for for almost 10 years (I was an avid concert journalist before the pandemic). 

They told me I was covering the fan meeting AND the press conference. I’d really been wanting to attend the press con since it was an intimate experience compared to the fan meet.  

And if that wasn’t already a sign, the following day, I won a contest on Tiktok also granting me entry to the press conference! So it wasn’t just once, but twice that I’d gotten a very clear sign to go. That put me at peace and I knew I was going for sure. 

I booked a hotel for two nights: the day before the show and the same night so that I wouldn’t get so tired since the venue was 2 hours away from my house. 

There were many things I was anxious about: getting lost driving to the venue or getting flagged by the traffic enforcers if I made a mistake driving (thankfully I made no mistakes!!), where to park.. The list goes on. 

After I’d checked in, and disinfected my room, I could finally breathe..somewhat and it was only then that it sunk in that the next day, I’d be meeting Cha Eunwoo, the guy who got me into KPop and the reason I became an Aroha.. And the person who inspired me to be a better person. 

I got front row seats to the press conference and fan meeting

This was another pinch me.. Y/N moment in real life! I never expected this, but I was so lucky that I was able to get a seat at the front row during the press conference so I could see Cha Eunwoo up close and clearly… And he could see me! 

I’d mentioned to my friends that when he walked up on stage, I had this moment where I felt like he recognised me because of the way he looked at me. I wasn’t sure because I was wearing a mask, so how could he recognise me from that Penshoppe video which I had submitted almost a year ago?

The press conference itself was only 10 minutes–a nod to the name of his fan meeting. The questions were pre-approved, and I was on professional mode because I was there to cover the event and take photos and videos and write an article.

I didn’t feel starstruck by his presence–just sort of a peaceful feeling. 

I was happy that I was able to meet some of the friends I’d been chatting with online for months and had gotten close to. I even bumped into an old colleague back when I was working for a local broadcasting station, and she asked to interview me and I joked that I used to be the one interviewing people behind the camera as a producer and now I was the interviewee. 

I loved hanging out with my online friends turned real life friends. It was the highlight next to actually seeing Cha Eunwoo! 

During the fanmeeting itself, I also scored front row seats thanks to an angel! She had an extra seat and gave it to me.. And thanks to that, I got to enjoy the fan meeting away from the crowd (we were on the side of the stage) and even got a special souvenir from Cha Eunwoo.. Which you’ll find out in my next point.. 

Cha Eunwoo gave me a rose

The first time I saw fans getting a rose (or roses) was during Astro’s online concert in Seoul called Stargazer. 

Cha Eunwoo and the members gave roses to fans. During Cha Eunwoo’s performance of his solo song, First Love, he gave a bouquet to a fan. 

I remember feeling so happy and excited for that person who received the bouquet. Then even during one of the group songs, each member had a rose each to give a fan. 

I remember telling my mom “I want that bouquet” or “Imagine what it would be like to receive a rose from Cha Eunwoo”. I’d only hoped I would but then the dream became a reality on August 6! 

Before the fan meeting, fellow Arohas (Astro calls their fans Aroha) were planning on what to do for the fan meet. 

Some of them got SVIP tickets which came with the hi hello experience—so they’d be walking past Eunwoo after the show to say hi to him. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get an SVIP ticket because it sold out during pre-sale. I was so sad about that, but looking back, it only meant a better thing was coming my way! 
I printed a sign that said, “I’m the girl you saw dancing in the Penshoppe video” referring to this video he saw of me and reacted to last year. I had the sign as if I’d gotten a hi-hello moment too because I’d been wishing up to the last moment that I’d somehow score SVIP tickets.. But I got an even better seat! 

Since Manila was his third stop for his fan meeting tour, I knew Cha Eunwoo was giving out roses and since I didn’t get a hi-hello ticket, the plan was to hold up my sign during the song with the roses. 

And that’s exactly what I did. As soon as he came out with a basket of roses singing to Aloha, I waited for my moment. When he stood up to start throwing roses, I ran to the barricade and held up my sign.. And what happened next is still a dream to me. All I remember from my memory is that he was walking to me smiling. Next thing I knew I had a rose. Thankfully a number of my friends recorded the moment, so I have more vivid memories of what happened.

And he really did smile at me as he gave me the rose. I’d like to believe that when he saw the sign it meant he remembered me–and hopefully he’d gotten a copy of my book too–since I sent him a copy of my book earlier in the year! 

Hands down… that’s the best fan moment of 2022. I can’t wait for what’s to come next!!! 

I met fellow HallyuTalkPH Official Tiktok Creators  

I mentioned this earlier, but it was so, so great to finally meet fellow creators and fellow Arohas in real life. I really missed fangirling in real life. We were also the loudest because we were talking before the rest of the fans came into the venue of the fan meet. It’s really different hanging out with people who love the same things you do! 

I was interviewed about being an Aroha 

The interview I mentioned earlier was about how I became a fan of Eunwoo which led to me talking about becoming an Aroha. And how Astro and Eunwoo inspired me to finally have the courage to self-publish my book, The Hush Society Presents, which even debuted #1 on Amazon’s Teen and Young Adult Music ebook category in 2021! When the interview is out, I’ll definitely link it here. 

My Philippine concerts article about the fanmeeting was a hit!

After the glorious and exciting moments of the fan meeting over the weekend, it was time to get to work as soon as I got home and was in quarantine ( I tested negative after my quarantine, another thing I’m so grateful for!). I had a lot of content to put out. I had to submit two videos as an official Tiktok creator as well as write the post-event article for Cha Eunwoo’s fan meet and it did really well! 

You can read it here: A Starry Night with Cha Eunwoo

I was accepted into a great blogging opportunity 

I applied for this blogging opportunity last year and got the good news in August! I can officially share the news next week, but for now I’m just super grateful to be part of something with other amazing bloggers. 

Tiktok Audit from Tyla 

Since my Tiktok account’s been growing really well since Feb/March of this year, I decided to invest in it by getting an audit from tiktok strategist Tyla! It’s super valuable and I’ve been implementing her tips to help me grow. 

Latest RSD format was a hit! 

One of the things I participate in as a KPop fan is RSD or Aroha Selca Day, which means sharing a photo of yourself similar to the pose of your favorite KPop member. I’d been participating in this monthly this year but with mostly photos. But this month I decided to create a video and it was a hit! I got so many likes and shares from the tweet.. So I’ll definitely be continuing this type of content! It’s also super fun to create. 

I started exercising again 

Another thing Astro inspired me to do is to get back into exercising. In September 2020, when I became an Aroha, I first learned the choreography to Crazy, Sexy, Cool and since then I’d been consistent in exercising by learning their choreography up until May 2021. Then I’d been on and off with my exercise routine since I’d get so busy, but in August, I’d been able to be consistent with at least 1 workout/exercise a week even if it’s the simple 10 minute ab workout by Emi Wong! 

I conducted a workshop 

For one of my clients that I do consulting for, I had to conduct a workshop, so it was a lot of planning. And a lot of nerves since I get nervous whenever I have to speak in front of a crowd even if it’s only online! Thankfully the workshop went well! 

Whew! That was a very eventful month with lots of things happening! 

I was so, so happy that after a while I felt lost after. I think it’s more of wanting to be out and about and experience that kind of happiness again. But I was back to being stuck at home. Haha! 

How was your August? What were your highlights of the month?


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