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August in Review: Most Exciting Month of 2022 So Far

As mentioned in my last monthly review posts, I’ll be switching up the format of these posts and will share more about my life and not just blog milestones. Also because my blog is about my fangirl approach to life so a lot of fangirl related posts are part of the lineup. 

August was a month of firsts and the most exciting thing and highlight of my year happened over a weekend and made August a favorite month.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram or read my previous month in review post, then you’ll know why August was so special. But I’ll tell you more about the details in this post because I want to share it with you!! 


Blog page views: 926

Twitter: 1287

TikTok: 2102

YouTube: 181

Instagram: 1273 

Thoughts on Blog Statistics 

Ever since I discovered which content does well (I’ve had a couple of videos go viral!) and that’s fun to create on TikTok, I never expected to go viral on Instagram too, but one of my reels hit more than 100,000 views! 

And to think I almost forgot about uploading that reel because originally the video was more than 2 minutes long and Instagram only allows you to upload up to a minute and 30.

This was the most unexpected thing in terms of my statistics. I want to leverage on the views and translate it to blog views too since one of my goals this year is to hit 10,000 monthly views a month and right now it seems far off.   

My call-to-action for my videos on Tiktok and Instagram is to invite people to check out the content chest but I think I’d like to include an early CTA within the video about the content chest and the final CTA to read more on my blog to drive traffic to the blog. 

Tiktok is still a winner when it comes to month-on-month growth, so I’ve really been focusing on creating content on Tiktok and then repurpose the videos to Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. 

Top Posts for August

South Korea Itinerary: How To See 18 Places In 5 Days (First-time South Korea Travel Guide)

Top 15+ Romantic Comedy KDrama Shows That’ll Make You Swoon

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Itaewon Class

It’s mostly the same three posts that have remained on my top 3 posts every month, which is K-content so aside from creator tips, I’ll be doubling down on creating these type of posts.  


Now for my highlights of August 2022! I feel that this is going to be the longest month in review post so far. 

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