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Why You Need to Listen to Customer Feedback When Developing A Product

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As a blogger and creative entrepreneur looking to launch a biz product, gathering feedback is an essential part of the process. You can’t fill the gap if you don’t know what your community wants.

Before launching a product or a service, you can get feedback or reviews on your potential offer, so that you can tweak it to a version that’s really fit for your community.

You wouldn’t want to be spending countless hours and giving it your all when come launch time, no one is interested in your product.

Feedback gives you an insight into what people think about your products, services, and biz as a whole. 

You need to gather data and feedback to ensure that you’re meeting the needs of your community. Furthermore, you need information that can guide you to fruitful development and not lead you to a dead-end. 

For example, before I launched my first online course, I reviewed my “Community Struggles” and “Audience Stories + Insights Worksheet” files which listed feedback I had gotten and researched in various online platforms. These helped me make a decision on what lessons to include in my course. Things like “how to find a niche”, “how to monetize” and “starting a mailing list” kept surfacing in my research, so I knew these were modules I knew I had to have in my course.

Once you gather feedback and reviews, what to do with the feedback can feel overwhelming. Should you listen to every single suggestion and apply it to your product? Is the feedback enough?

A little tip for you is to look for the common issues and topics that your community is telling you about your product. If only one person made a certain critique about your feature but for the majority the opposite is true, then you can see that the pattern that prevails is the latter.

Here’s an infographic from The University of Alabama at Birmingham that can also help as it lists the different ways in which you can use customer feedback to drive your biz.

Though the infographic does mention big organizations–there are tips that you can take away for your creative biz. For example, there is a threshold for the number of reviews you should strive for especially if you already have an existing product and are looking at upgrading it or making improvements.

Click here for more info on this infographic

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