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The Best Type of Content You Need to Focus On


When you have so many topics you’re passionate about how do you know what to focus on?

Do you talk about them all?

Should you have a niche?

What on earth do you even blog/vlog about?

After you know why you want to create content and the mindset you need to make it work, the next hurdle will be deciding what you want to talk about.

What if you love to travel, but you also really love to paint and review Korean dramas?

What if you love exploring different types of fitness classes, but also really love baking?

Can you create content for all those topics and still be able to grow your online business?

What if these topics are too unrelated to each other? What then?

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Starting this kind of project involves so many decisions that lead to dilly-dallying.

I was stuck for days with this, too. I love music and going to concerts, but also really love writing, traveling and learning more about blogging.

Could I talk about all of that and still get people’s attention?

Or would they be too unrelated from each other?

In the Philippines, we have a dessert where you can mix different kinds of items into a glass of ice with milk and ice cream called halo-halo, and in that manner, would your topics be like that dessert?

Should you niche down?

The thought of choosing just one topic frustrated me. I was afraid that if I stuck to one, then I wouldn’t be able to talk about anything else. What if I got tired of talking about that one topic?

It’s not like I could just switch to another topic if it was totally unrelated.

I was scared to box myself in and limit myself to one topic.

I felt so overwhelmed with this that for days I couldn’t decide. And what a waste of days those were! I could have been working on content already if I had just chosen.

I tend to overthink a lot, so Arriane Serafico’s online courses helped me narrow my focus. It’s an excellent class to take to discover your brand with a purpose. 

How to Narrow Your Focus

A tip I can give you is to write down all the topics you want to talk about and then see if you can combine those topics. For example, for my previous blog, I combined music, travel, and writing. I rebranded it as a travel blog for music lovers.

Another thing that really stuck with me was something Jade Darmawangsa said. 

I love that she said to yes, create content with a focus, but it’s also okay to publish content that you love every now and then. For example, you decide to narrow your focus to a food blog that shares easy recipes under 30 minutes for vegetarians, but you are also really passionate about mental health.

If your posting schedule is five times a week, you could have one day a week or every two weeks where you post about mental health awareness that relates to your overall wellness journey. This way, you can keep that inspiration going.

I love learning and talking about content creation/blogging, so this is my main focus, but once in a while I’ll post about travel guides. At one point, I really considered making this a full-on travel blog, but to be a travel blogger, you have to be traveling a lot.

And I’m still working on a way to be able to travel more often. In the meantime, I’ve resolved to stick to writing about content creation, but I won’t limit myself to just that.

Let’s go back to my analogy about a blog being an online magazine, every magazine has a specific thing they are known for. The same goes for your blog and what you want to be known as a content creator.

You have to establish yourself as an authority, so what industry do you want to be an authority?

For example, Deliciously Ella is a blog focused on plant-based living, so though it’s primary content are recipes, there’s an occasional post about healthy living.

Another blog I really love is Megan Ellaby’s blog. She’s a style blogger from Manchester, so her posts are about her life and style in Manchester.

No matter what topics you choose and the type of content you create, it has to be worth your reader (or viewer)’s time!

Nobody likes their time wasted, do they?

…whether that’s entertaining, inspiring or teaching them something.

There are so many content creators out there, but it’s your voice, your story and the way you present your content that is how you can stand out.

The Type of Content You Need to Focus On

The type of content you need to focus on is content that resonates!

Here’s the formula:

Content that resonates = valuable + relatable + tells a story

Most of the time people are thinking, “What will I get out of this?” so whether that’s giving them entertainment or information, they’ll be expecting something worth their time.

So, you have to create content that’s worth one of the most important resources: their time.

One of the hardest parts for me is finding the balance between sharing valuable content and sharing my experiences.

There are times I want to switch into creative writing mode and take you through every moment with me, but then, I know it also has to be valuable.

This isn’t a novel you’re reading, though sometimes, my creative side nudges me to go that path, I stick to a more casual, relatable tone.

Here are simple, actionable tips to creating content that resonates:

  1. Make a list of what you want to talk about be it the lessons or facts or things you learned
  2. Add that personal touch through your experiences
  3. Show your personality. If you’re funny, be witty! If you’re bubbly, translate it into your words or video. It’s how you express yourself that people will be able to relate to you
  4. Find the story in your content and craft your outline around that story

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