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Have Fun With These Instagram Story Templates

instagram story template

Instagram Story Templates For Bloggers & Creatives

Lately, my Instagram story has been filled with lots of fun templates.

At first, it was just a few friends who were sharing these. But the more templates I saw, it got me thinking, “What if it was time I made my own?”

A few days later one of my good friends had created more than 10 templates, tagged me, and even encouraged me to created templates of my own.

That was just the nudge I needed to take action.

It was time to stop putting it off and just do!

Honestly, creating Instagram story templates has been something I’ve been thinking about since last year.

Mostly I would see Instagram story templates about horoscope signs or bingos.

I started out with one template, but I thought I’d make more variations to what impact it would have if I had more templates.

So here are my Instagram story templates.

Feel free to use any or all.

And if you’ve been thinking about creating your own templates too, go ahead!

I used Canva to make mine.

And I seriously had so much fun creating them.

You can get the templates by saving the photos from this page or you can go and take a screenshot of the blank templates in the Highlight section of my Instagram profile.

Here are the templates:

Have fun & tag me at @izzmatias if you use them. 馃檪

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  1. I love these templates – thank you will definitely be using them

    1. Thank you, Jade! So glad you will be using them. Do tag me so I can repost 馃檪

  2. these are so awesome! I have yet to see some of these being used but if they were, I’d probably actually interact ?

  3. I have been loving all the Instagram story templates lately – they are so much fun! Such a fun way to connect with one another!

  4. I love these Instagram templates! I’m not as good with Instagram as Pinterest or Facebook but this is perfect for those of us that are trying to get things done the right way and quickly.