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Welcome to the second quarter of 2021!

For the fifth edition of The Spotlight, a monthly series that features a roundup of bloggers for you to check out.

Let’s go!


BizzyStudentLife.com is a blog that aims to help students navigate their student life by providing resources, tips, and tricks by a business student.

Check out these two posts by Davina:

5 Learning Goals for 2021: Multilingualism, Self Love and More

10 Facts About Me

Follow Davina’s social media accounts:

Instagram – @bizzystudentlife

Twitter – @bizzystudent

Tumblr – @bizzystudentlife

Pinterest – @bizzystudentlife

Goal of Happiness 

Goal of Happiness is a blog about fitness, health, and mental health. Charlotte, who runs the blog, shares her personal journey with anxiety and depression. She shares that, “there is no need to go on weird diets. Love yourself first then everyone else will love you.” Through her blog, she aims to encourage people to love themselves.

Check out these two posts by Charlotte:

I Started Running, Here’s What Happened?

7 Ways To Improve Your Mood

Follow Charlotte on social media:  

Twitter – @HappinessGoal

Facebook – @goalofhappiness

Instagram – @goal_of_happiness1

Pinterest – @goalofhappiness1

If you like their content, be sure to give them a follow on all their social media platforms, subscribe to their blogs, and engage with their blog posts.

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  1. I’ll definitely have to check them out. I love finding new blogs! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s so great you promote local small businesses! I hope you enjoy their content, Wendie! 🙂

  2. I love to discover new bloggers! I already read from Goal of Happiness, but just discovered Bizzy student life and it sounds very interesting! Checking it now, thanks for sharing x

  3. I love discovering new bloggers and I haven’t heard of this first so will need to give it a read x

  4. Some fantastic blogs on this list! Looking forward to checking them all out!

  5. I’ve read Charlotte’s blog before and I really enjoyed it! I’ve not heard of the first blog that you’ve shared here so I’m off to check it out x