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Disclaimer: AD – This is an Advertising for Bloggers post. 

Happy December 1st! 

Welcome to the first edition of The Spotlight where I’ll be featuring a roundup of my fellow bloggers who are advertising with me for the month. 

I’m so excited to see this goal come to fruition and be able to help promote other bloggers through advertising packages made especially for them

So let’s get cracking! 


Charlotte runs Goal of Happiness, a blog about health, fitness and mental health.  She writes mental health and fitness tips while sharing her personal journey. I love how she emphasizes self-love. In her words, her blog is about, “ encouraging people to love who they are. No need to lose weight or diet. Just living a healthier and happier life.” 

Read more about Charlotte’s health and fitness journey. 

Follow Charlotte on social media:  

Twitter – @HappinessGoal

Facebook – @goalofhappiness

Instagram – @goal_of_happiness1

Pinterest – @goalofhappiness1

Portable Guide

Portable Guide focuses on helping people get access to factual information about portable products. The products they feature on their site are some of the most popular and in-demand ones. Their website aims to help people choose the right product without any stress.

Check out their post about the 20 Most Effective Treadmill Workouts.

Follow Portable Guide on social media:  

Twitter – @Chard_0724

Instagram – @portable.guide

Pinterest – @portableguide


Riyah Speaks is a lifestyle blog run by Seriah Sargenton. She writes about blogging, career success, lifestyle and wellness. Her blog aims to help inspire women to take action and keep moving forward.  

Check out these 3 posts by Seriah: 

Happy One Year Blogversary

100 Self Improvement Journal Prompts

30 Summer Affirmations to Brighten Up Your Day

Follow Seriah on social media:  

Facebook – @RiyahSpeaks

Twitter – @RiyahSpeaks

Instagram – @Riyah_Speaks

Pinterest – @RiyahSpeaks

Read Seriah’s interview here to find out more about her and her blogging journey.

And those are the first three blogs featured in The Spotlight.

Do check them out.

If you enjoy their content, be sure to give them a follow on all their social media platforms, subscribe to their blogs, and engage with their blog posts.

If you want to advertise your blog, click here to find out more.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these blogs! Goal of Happiness sounds right up my street so off to check it out right now!

  2. Cool! I’m so happy you launched blog advertising slots too. Looking forward to more blog suggestions over here. I’m following Riyah, but not the first blogger on this list. I’ll have to check out Charlotte’s blog next! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Ming! I appreciate your help when it came to these blog advertising packages & pricing 😀

  3. Lovely post, I am defo going to check these two blogs out. I also love that you’ve added direct links to their socials – makes following them super easy!