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Christmas Gift Ideas For Bloggers and Content Creators


As much as the festive season is a magical time, picking out gifts can be a challenge.

You want to give something that’s within your budget, but still personal.

An item that you want to be appreciated and reflects the effort you put into finding the right gift.

One of my favorite types of posts is a gift guide, so what with Christmas rolling around the corner, here’s a list to help you with your Christmas shopping.

It can take a lot of time thinking about what gifts to give, so hopefully, with this list, you’ll be able to save time thinking about what to buy and spend it with those you care about.

This Christmas gift guide is made for content creators and bloggers, but who knows maybe you’ll want to bookmark some of these items for yourself too.

A Staycation

Christmas can also be a hectic and stressful time because there’s so much planning to do.

And so many Christmas parties to attend. Don’t forget to relax and unwind, and why not do so with a staycation?

Book an overnight stay at a hotel and take a day off to recharge or as a treat for a year’s hard work.

An online course

Investing in learning is tantamount to investing in yourself.

This is particularly vital for content creators. Instead of wasting loads of time DIY-ing or learning everything through research, an online course that’s proven to work is such a huge business investment and is more efficient.

No more second-guessing and getting overwhelmed with all the information overload.

My favourite courses are those taught by Arriane Serafico.

They’re so full of value and her goal-setting courses have helped me finish my young adult novel and launch this blog. 

And speaking of blogging, if you or someone you know wants to start monetising their blog, then they should definitely check out this course on How to Start a Money-Making blog.

Your favourite album 

Online music streaming is all the rage nowadays, but sometimes there’s nothing like having a physical copy of your favorite artist.

Drop by your nearest local CD shop or purchase the album online and gift that blogger friend of yours their favorite album.

At least if your friend gets stuck in Christmas traffic, at least that time can be spent belting out tunes.

Siteground Subscription

If you know someone who’s been wanting to start their blog on a self-hosted platform, a web hosting plan is crucial in setting up a website.

You can gift a year’s Siteground subscription to help them start a blog.

Some content creators or bloggers mainly post on Facebook or Instagram, but to have a more professional image not to mention a platform that he or she owns (without having to worry that the site may shut down at any moment) is why having a self-hosted blog is important.


I’ve been a fan of Megan Ellaby’s fashion blog for years now.

She’s inspired me to incorporate more colors and uniqueness to my style since I tend to gravitate towards basic looks.

A few weeks ago she launched her own clothing line entitled “Saturday by Megan Ellaby” with a range of jumpers that add that stylish pop of color into your wardrobe and when you want to take those Christmas themed snaps for Instagram. 

A Stylish Camera Case

A camera is part of every content creator’s toolkit.

Of course, you can take quality shots using your trusty smartphone, but there’s nothing like the quality of a good camera lens.

Part of taking care of a camera is having a sturdy case, but those that come as part of the package lack in the style department.

It serves its purpose but is very basic. Jazz up a camera kit with a stylish camera case.

Ring light

If you’re into recording YouTube videos, a lot of vloggers say a ring light is a must, especially if you plan to shoot your content at night.

Invest in good lighting to up your video quality. 

A Content Planner

Planning ahead is crucial to staying consistent. For those who still enjoy notebooks, this planner so aptly called The Content Planner is a great Christmas gift that will help content creators plan their social media platforms and build their brand.

This one’s definitely on my Christmas wish list!

What about you? What’s on your Christmas wish list?

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