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Blogging Monthly Review: June 2022

Blogging monthly review posts help me to track my goals and progress, but moving forward I want to  spice up these reviews.

That means introducing a new format and prompts to these blogging monthly reviews as well as incorporating more personal things in my highlights and sharing my monthly favourites. 

For this post, I’ll be retaining the old format, but for next month, I want to try something new and exciting! 


Blog page views: 1095

Twitter: 1293

TikTok: 1274

YouTube: 170

Instagram: 1147

Top Posts for June 

Top 15+ Romantic Comedy KDrama Shows That’ll Make You Swoon

South Korea Itinerary: How To See 18 Places In 5 Days (First-time South Korea Travel Guide)

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Itaewon Class

What I Loved This Month (My Favourites) 

  • Continuing therapy sessions 
  • Getting my Success by Design report from Kyla 
  • The announcement of Cha Eunwoo JOTM fan meeting in my country
  • Connecting with more Tiktok creators in my country 
  • Buying my first KPop light stick 
  • Finally eating out at one of my favourite Italian comfort restaurant 
  • Taking more cute IG aesthetic photos
  • Meeting my first online Aroha friend in real life!!! This made me SO HAPPY.

Blog & Life Highlights: 

  • Renewed a contract with my freelance client 
  • Cha Eunwoo and Moon Bin replying to me on UNIVERSE (A KPop app)
  • Getting better at managing my anxiety! Meditation has helped and oddly I think so has the raspberry leaf tea I’ve been drinking daily as well as practicing my grounding techniques or the 5-4-3-2-1 method. 

 My June Goals

Have 10 members inside The Content Chest 

At the beginning of June, I set a goal of increasing my members to 10 inside The Content Chest community.

I executed my plan of action which was to post content on TikTok that promotes my membership as well as invite more affiliates, but did not reach this goal.

However, I did not reach the 10 members goal. I was disappointed at first, but you know what? It’s okay. I take it as a learning experience.

I’m still growing my Tiktok account so also it might mean to keep doing what I’ve been doing for a few months to see if it’s working or if I should try another marketing strategy. 

What is the Content Chest?

The Content Chest membership features exclusive content such as in-depth blogging how-tos like this Affiliate Marketing For Beginners + A Free Platform to Help You Start and insightful guides like the KPop Marketing Strategies to Help You Be a Better Content Creator as well as KDrama reviews.

Grow my TikTok to 1,500 subscribers  

1,500 may have been an ambitious goal but I thought I would get there in June; however, I ended the month with 1274 subscribers which is not bad!

I did review my Tiktok analytics to 1) see the posting times of my viral videos (around 5-6pm) and post more during that time and 2) recreate the same time of content that went viral (which I did). 

One thing I’ve observed with Tiktok growth is that at times it may feel like your videos won’t do well then after a week or a few days they start to trend.

I was frustrated with my growth this last few weeks of June, but I knew I had to trust the process. 

Hire a dedicated virtual assistant   

I did not hire a dedicated VA but continued with my previous plan of hiring a VA depending on the tasks that need outsourcing.

I want to create a clear list of recurring tasks and a streamlined process for this before hiring a dedicated VA. I’m targeting to hire a VA in September since August is going to be another busy month. 

My July Goals

Sit down and review the goals I set for my blog & The Content Chest community at the beginning of the year    

Since we’re done with the first 6 months of the year, this month I want to review the progress of my 2022 goals so far and tweak any goals since some might not feel aligned with what I want to create. 

What about you? What are the progress of your goals last month and what goals are you working on this month?

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