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The Best Legal Investment I Made to Protect My Blog: Legal Templates

legal templates for bloggers

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know that there was a legal side to it. 

To me, it was about setting up an online home for my writing and a place for me to be creative without the pressure of being judged by the people who knew me.

Fast forward to when I started taking blogging seriously, I learned about the importance of protecting your blog legally. 

And especially when the GDPR law was passed a few years back enforcing stricter rules on data privacy, almost everyone in the blogging industry was talking about it. 

When I heard about the GDPR, I was overwhelmed. 

What did this mean for my blog?

And worried about how to proceed.

What would I have to do to ensure I complied with the GPDR?

I read so many articles, but every time, I ended up feeling more overwhelmed. 

And then when the time came to launch a new blog, I knew I wanted to do things right, mainly because I saw my blog as a business

Aside from investing in specific blogging tools and having a self-hosted WordPress blog, this meant having the required legal pages: Privacy Policy, Disclosure, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions in my blog.

How purchasing legal templates helped me protect my blog & creative business

Since I had shifted my mindset to that of a business owner, and like all businesses, I knew I had to protect my business legally

The downside was that I didn’t know what the heck these pages were required to have. 

What clauses or legal terms was I supposed to write? 

Could I just write it on my own? 

The first time I tried to draft these pages, I had no idea if what I was doing was right. 

I found free legal templates online, but I was concerned if these templates were comprehensive.

And would they really protect my blog and biz in the long run?

So when I learned about legal templates for blogs like this legal bundle by Amira, who is a full-time lawyer and blogger, I was so grateful.

And the timing was perfect: I had just gone full-time as a blogger.

While I had the required legal pages set up since launching this blog, I wasn’t sure if they were comprehensive and gave me the full protection I needed.

The more I read and learned about Amira’s legal bundle, I knew I had to invest in it.

The Legal Bundle that I purchased from her includes the 3 legal templates (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions) you need to have on your blog as well as 9 bonuses (the bonuses are worth $1175!). 

I could have hired a lawyer, but that would have cost me thousands of dollars, and frankly, I did not have thousands of dollars floating around. 

Here was Amira, an experienced blogger and full-time lawyer, who knew the struggles bloggers faced when it came to protecting their blog legally.

She offers legal bundles at different price points depending on how comprehensive you wanted to protect your blog as well as other legal contract templates for bloggers.

Purchasing The Legal Bundle was definitely the best legal investment I made for my blog and creative biz.



The templates were easy to customise as there were instructions as to how to use the bundle and what areas you needed to personalise. 

The great part about the templates is that I was able to set it up within minutes.

Imagine all that frustration, overwhelm, and worry gone when I purchased The Legal Bundle.

I was relieved.

I could sleep well knowing that I made the right decision purchasing these legal templates versus choosing a free template online.

Check out The Legal Bundle here:

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  1. Such an informative post! I have no clue about any of this, I started blogging like a month ago but I’m looking to take it more seriously now I’ve seen some success with it. Thanks for the advice!

    1. So glad to hear that! Let me know if you have any other blogging questions. I would be happy to help, Rachael! 🙂

  2. After reading thousands of blogs and blogging for years, I totally agree with you! Blogging is very lucrative but most people don’t know how to set up their blogs correctly when it comes to the legal side of it all. I think that this is an awesome resource that can be very helpful to millions of new bloggers. Thanks so much for sharing and I honestly love the way you write!

  3. Kaitlin Alamo says:

    Awesome post! This is so helpful!

  4. Great post! So informative, especially for people who aren’t clued up!