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October in Review: A Month of Travel

Yes, I can’t believe I’m typing that word: TRAVEL. 

I’ve missed traveling so much and I’d been terrified of getting on a plane being in a confined space with so many people because of miss ‘rona. But since I’d caught miss ‘rona at the end of September and was recovering during the first of October, it had cured me of that fear of flying. 

I got to travel twice this month and both locally: first to Bacolod where I got to visit Yunkisnow Bacolod KPop shop but also to Batangas for the long weekend! 

I’m hoping I get to travel internationally soon either to Japan or South Korea

Before I get into that, let’s review last October’s blog statistics. 


Blog page views: 1238

Twitter: 1272

TikTok: 2439

YouTube: 187 

Instagram: 1271

Thoughts on Blog Statistics 

After last month’s increase in Twitter and Instagram growth, it’s fallen back down this month sadly, but I’m not going to take it to heart. 

Speaking of Instagram, I experienced the worldwide glitch on the 31st where I got a message that my account was suspended.

My first thought was to worry about those who rely on Instagram to make money or what if they had to post something important for one of their sponsored posts but couldn’t because they experienced the glitched.

It reminded me of the importance of having a self-hosted WordPress blog and building an email list because those two things are mine–and can’t be taken away.

I can’t remember where I read this but it’s like that analogy that your social media accounts are like rented land. You don’t own it.

Whereas a self-hosted WordPress blog and email list are like property you own. You have control over it and can’t get suspended accidentally. 

But also it’s a good reminder to keep this blog no matter what even if lately I’ve been tempted to focus more on Tiktok since that’s where I’ve been seeing lots of growth not just in terms of followers but also I’ve been getting more collaborations on there. 

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Here’s what happened in October 

I went on my first flight since 2019

Before catching Covid, we’d booked a trip to Bacolod and thankfully recovered just in time for the trip. It was so nice to be at the airport again!

My last trip was in 2019 when I went to South Korea.

I’m so glad that 2019 me got to travel three times that year because we didn’t know what was to come in 2020! That reminds me, I still need to write that Japan itinerary guide.

The thing is I can’t find my notes. I normally write notes whenever I go to a new place so I can remember things in detail not just for the blog but also so I can reminisce it clearly!

I booked three collaborations this month 

Two of which were paid collaborations so I’m so thrilled about that!

I mentioned last month that I’m prioritising paid content and it’s amazing after saying that more collaboration opportunities landed in my inbox!

I’ve also put myself out there and pitched to one brand and hoping for positive turnout!

There was one collaboration opportunity I was SO EXCITED about but I have yet to hear back from them. I really hope to book that collaboration–and when I can I’ll share more details with you guys! 

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