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The Content Planner Review: 1 Beautiful Planning Tool I Absolutely Love

the content planner 2021 edition flatlay
Photos courtesy of The Content Planner

The Content Planner is not another pretty thing that you buy on impulse and then never use. 

Yes, it’s beautiful. 

And I’ll admit that its aesthetic and design was a significant factor in purchasing this planner even if it’s the most I’d spent on any type of planner. 

But it’s not intimidating to use. 

I didn’t have the typical blank page woes that you get when you’re about to use a new and pretty notebook. 

Instead, I was excited to start planning and writing.

Even if at times, I would end up changing plans, which meant I had to erase or cross out items. 

The Content Planner is one of my favourite planning tools and one of the investments I made for my blogging business

It is an investment in my growth. 

While I do plan digitally, I also love having a physical planner to map out my goals and content plan.

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What is The Content Planner? 

The Content Planner is a physical planning and goal-setting tool

Kat Gaskin, a planning expert and graphic designer, created The Content Planner to help creatives, creators, and entrepreneurs plan their way to success. 

One thing that makes The Content Planner unique from other planners out there is that it’s a collaborative process with its community. 

Each year, the community votes which colour pairings will be the coming year’s official colours. 

Last year the winning options were: 

Sunshine Yellow Planner and Emerald Sea Box

Powder Blue Planner and Pacific Blue Box

100 copies of an exclusive Midnight Black edition was also released!

Once that that colour option sells out, it’s gone for good.

And depending on the feedback the product gets, certain features are revised to improve the product. 

The Content Planner Features 

Now to discuss the features of the planner. 

Beautiful protective box

Not only does the box serve as a way to keep the planner in a protective case, but its design is so classy. 

Last year, another element was added: on-brand paper lining. 

Though there was a delay in shipping because of this, it elevated the whole unboxing experience. 

It’s fillable 

No matter when you get it, the planner will always be relevant. 

And you can maximise its use because it’s up to you when you want to start using it and if you’re going to take a pause and then resume two or three months later since there are 15 months worth of fillable planning space.

You decide! 

Monthly spreads

The monthly spreads help you see the bigger picture for the year.

Marketing guides 

3 types of guides come with the planner: 

On Your Radar – this helps you prepare for upcoming marketing dates in the coming months! For example, in May, it already reminds you to start thinking and planning for Christmas content.

Monthly themes – having a theme for the month will help you when it comes to brainstorming on what to post, and you can align your posts for both your blog & social media with your theme.

Holidays & marketing dates – a list of holidays and notable marketing  US, Canada, UK, Australia + New Zealand dates to take note of.

Goal setting sections 

Before the monthly fillable spread is a sheet where you write your monthly goals, the on-you-radar area, hashtags to use, your hitlist & collaboration list as well as a space for jotting down whatever else you need to to your goals 


A blank page beside the goal-setting page where you are free to brainstorm to your heart’s desire

Planner stickers

To make it easier to write your tasks into the fillable monthly spread are stickers for different platforms! 

Product Specifications

Planner size is 8.5 x 11 inch landscape planner and the paper is 120 gsm

My Favourites

The planner stickers are definitely a favourite!

It reminds me of scrapbook making. Plus, the stickers add more colour to the planner. 

I also love that it’s fillable because that way I know, I can really use the planner as much as I want to.

I don’t have to skip any pages if I decided to take a one or two-month break. 

Am I repurchasing? 

YES! And if you want to get your own content planner, you can do so by clicking this link.

What’s Different for The Content Planner 2021

  • Monthly tab stickers have been redesigned and are wider
  • A dotted grid in the goal-setting page 
  • A list of planning affirmations 
  • The business growth section of the monthly spread is fillable now too
  • Monthly spread’s shaded areas are lighter to accommodate pencil and lighter ink colours
  • Redesigned stickers that are now square-shaped
  • Three colour options: 
    • Coffee & Cream
    • Mango & Tropical Pink
    • Fresh Linen & Blush

I’m so excited about all these improvements and can’t wait to place my order this year. I’m planning on getting the Fresh Linen & Blush option. 

2021 Colour Options

Here are the color options:

How can you get one? 

You can order the planner by clicking this link.

What do you think of The Content Planner? Will you be trying it out?

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  1. I’m not sure it fits the way my brain works, but it sure is beautiful! I really like the stickers, it seems like a godd way to keep things light and fun

    1. oops I meant good lol

  2. Love that’ it is physical . It’s simple yet have a lot of information . I like the marketing section.

    1. I love how it has a marketing section too! Super helpful especially if you plan to post content in line with any holidays 🙂

  3. Wow I love this – I have a yearly calendar that I plan all my content out on but this look so specific and I love it. Once this year is up I might look into this as what I purchase for next year. I love how it has the different sections, and I love to use stickers in my planners! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I am a physical planner user, though I do have some things I like to plan online. I guess I am a mixed bag of organization.

    I love that it doesn’t matter when you purchase this, you can use it anytime.

    Do you ever find that you need more room to write other things?

    1. I like to plan both digitally and physically as well! Yes. I love that it’s fillable. Yes, sometimes I need more room to write things for the day-to-day scheduling especially if I’m publishing a blog post & other social media content!