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Top Beauty Essentials for Female Entrepreneurs

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beauty essentials female entrepreneurs

I’ve collaborated with beauty writer Patty Calleja to share about the items female entrepreneurs should have in their makeup kit to complement their busy lifestyle.

Top Beauty Essentials for Female Entrepreneurs

For bloggers and female entrepreneurs building their online businesses, living a fast-paced life means picking out products that would fit into a busy schedule. 

Female entrepreneurs know how hectic it can be to go through one appointment after the other and always be on the go. 

This article will help you curate a purposeful makeup kit filled with beauty essentials that can get you through meetings, gigs, dinner dates, and more.

Here is a list of top beauty essentials for female entrepreneurs 

Face Palette

Products that can be used in various ways are a busy female entrepreneur’s secret weapon.

For example, any face palette with a blush, bronzer, and highlight can also double as a basic eyeshadow palette. 

Pink or peach shades work well as an overall lid color, matte browns as a transition shade, and highlighter for the center lid. 

Having one palette that can deliver a lot sounds awesome, right?

Lip Products

No makeup kit would be complete without a lip product. 

These days, crusty matte lipsticks are out, and juicy tinted lips are in. 

That means there’s no need to carry both lipstick and lip balm all the time since there are a lot of tinted balms out there that can do both. 

Tinted balms provide moisture to the lips and give a healthy flush of color at the same time. 

Many brands offer a plethora of shades, but the ones with a twist-up tube packaging are best for ease of application.

Face powder

With a busy schedule, one of the hardest things to do is to retouch base makeup. 

For foundation and concealer, it’s best to pick a product that can withstand a busy day without completely melting off. 

Luckily, face powders help keep makeup looking fresh all day without the need to apply a new layer of foundation.

Having one in your makeup kit is a definite must, and the product you’ll choose will depend on your skin type and needs.

 If you need the extra coverage to cover up blemishes, tinted face powders are the way to go. 

For gals on the oily side, a mattifying face powder will work wonders. 

Just don’t forget to blot before retouching with powder. 

Translucent powders are best for those who just want to look fresh all day. 

Something to remember when purchasing a face powder is to avoid loose powders since they are more challenging to apply when you’re on the go. 

One wrong move and you may find loose powder all over your OOTD. Pressed powders are simply the way to go.

Eyebrow products

Eyebrow makeup can also be quite tricky to do when you’re on the go as they require proper focus and precision to achieve natural-looking brows. 

Similar to foundation, the trick is to set the eyebrows with a gel or mascara that would keep its hold over brow hair throughout the day. It would eliminate the need to retouch during the day.

While the tips above have already covered most bases, beauty essentials for female entrepreneurs do not stop at makeup. Two more items deserve a spot in a busy gal’s makeup kit.


The next thing we’ll talk about is fragrance. 

Business meetings are all about giving a good impression. Looking nice is important, but smelling nice also matters. 

Coming into a meeting smelling like sweat and sun can be a big turn off to potential clients or business contacts. 

Having a small travel size bottle in your purse will help you smell good all day long. While scents can be subjective based on one’s preference, any clean smelling scent that isn’t too powerful should do the trick.


The last beauty essential for female entrepreneurs is a hairbrush. 

For those with straight hair, a small comb or brush will be handy to look neat in between appointments. 


Rushing from one meeting to another is no excuse to look untidy – just retouch your makeup, spritz some perfume, comb your hair, and you’re good to go. 

Written by Patty Calleja

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  1. Great post! Although I’m a full time blogger and absolutely love it, I have used it as an excuse not to do myself up as much and I want to change that!

    1. Thank you, Jenny! Haha yes same – I’m full-time too and wouldn’t normally put makeup that much, but lately I’ve been getting back into it and having fun experimenting with makeup. 🙂

  2. CANDYce Marie says:

    Really good tips in this article! Also just followed your blog, you have really good content.

  3. A lovely post and a great read! Thank you for sharing this! I think I need to update my lipstick!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post, Amber! What’s your favorite lipstick? 🙂