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Lesson 1: How to Start a Creative Business Through Blogging

Before we dive into the foundation of a creative business, let’s first define what a creative business is. 

A creative business is when you make or intend to make money from something creative, and in this case, through blogging. 

While creative entrepreneurship is not an easy path, the rewards are worth it. 

You set your schedule. 

You are your own boss and how much you earn is up to you. 

There are different kinds of content creators and creative entrepreneurs based on the type of content they create:

  1. Video creator
  2. Influencer
  3. Blogger

There are more, but these are the content creators that you are most probably aware of. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t branch out into other types of content creators. 

You could start out as an influencer who focuses on creating content for your social media accounts. For example, you started out as an Instagram influencer and have grown your following there, but now you want to start a blog and house your content in a platform where you own your content and have control of.

Or let’s say you want to start out as a blogger putting out written content in the form of a blog post and later on you want to become a YouTuber (a video creator) then that’s totally fine too!

Whether you are an influencer, video creator, or any other type of content creator, having a self-hosted blog even just as an online portfolio will benefit you in many ways. I’ll be discussing these benefits in detail at a later lesson. 

For the purpose of this course; however, we will be referring to the type of content creator who will be setting up a self-hosted blog – the blogger. 

There are also different ways to approach your creative business. 

1. Full-time
2. A side-hustle
3. Part-time 

Will you be building your business on top of a day job, pursue it full-time, or start part-time and work your way into calling it your full-time job later on?

The way you approach content creation will depend on why you do it and this is exactly what we’ll be uncovering in the next lesson. 

Don’t forget to download the Blogging Business Plan Workbook.

Disclaimer: I have included affiliate links throughout the lessons in this course. If you purchase a product I’ve linked, I earn from the referral. However, you don’t get charged extra. 


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