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Top Lucky Moments I’m Grateful For in February  2023

I love writing these lucky moment monthly recaps as a way of practicing gratitude. I’ve found a way to keep track of my achievements and milestones both as a creator and a fangirl and document my journey too. 

In the first 2023 top lucky moments post, I mentioned that I landed my first UGC project and even had multiple fan girl wins. 

For the February 2023 edition, I have more exciting milestones to share with you. 

I landed a long-term UGC retainer project 

I cannot believe how fast this manifested after putting out the intention in January. I had just put it in my vision board and in like two weeks, an amazing opportunity came through. To be honest, it’s something I’ve been wanting and hoping ever since I was working at my last corporate job. And now it’s here. It’s a great year already! *cries in happy, grateful tears* 

I watched my first KPop concert 

I was so scared to attend my first Kpop concert, Enhypen, on Feb 4 but everything went smoothly and I stayed healthy. I made so many amazing memories!!! It was so fun and I enjoyed it so much while staying calm. After watching Enhypen, I’m much more attached to them. And every time I watch or hear their song Shout Out, I get emotional all over again. 

One of my Tiktok videos hit 400,000 views! 

In last month’s top lucky moments recap, I mentioned that almost all my videos were going viral. While the trend continued in the sense that my videos would go viral every few days and three or four videos at a time, one video in particular surpassed 400,000 views. Wow!! What a milestone!!

To be honest, at first, I was panicking like, why was it blowing up so much? And then I started thinking of all these negative scenarios in my head and got scared and almost wanted to delete the video. But I stopped myself from doing so because I know it was just FEAR talking. I guess fear of success and old patterns resurfacing, but I said NO, Not this time. 

I surpassed 5,000 followers on Tiktok

Another milestone on Tiktok! Yay! I am looking forward to hitting 10k soon. I know it’s happening soon. I am looking forward to more paid sponsored posts and brand deals. One thing I do want to try is to do more Tiktok lives. I’ve only done one Tiktok live before and it drained me because introvert problems. However, I want to challenge myself to try again. Though I do question how these Kpop idols go live and know what to say. Like I was struggling to keep talking for more than 20 minutes straight. 

Multiple Instagram Reels hit more than 10k views

Last year, I had a viral Instagram reel get over 100k views and then after that, it went back to the same range of views. This month though, I’ve had a couple of Reels get more than 10k views and attract a few followers too. This is something I’m happy about and I’m hoping will continue. 

I got to cover a Valentine’s Day concert 

One of my UGC work was to create a post even video for a Valentine’s concert that featured acts like Saxc Eric, Raven, Ace Bazuelo and even Stephen Speaks. When my passions collide, work is so much fun. 

My clients loved my UGC work

Going back to the topic of UGC, I’m super loving it because I think this is what I really wanted to do when starting my blogging and content creation journey. I was struggling to become an influencer with thousands of views and even if I would grow my following, the income wasn’t consistent. Whereas with UGC, every time I create the content, I get paid for it. And what’s more fulfilling is getting positive feedback from clients like when they said that my work was so good or that they loved it. So, so fulfilling. 

I got a good review for my book The Hush Society Presents

Aside from my book turning 2 on February 21, one of the book bloggers I reached out to posted a lovely review of my debut YA novel, The Hush Society Presents. So thankful for this! I want to be able to reach 10 Amazon reviews this year for my book because once it does Amazon can recommend my book as a “you might like this book” part of their site when people are browsing for books. 

How was your February? What were your lucky moments?

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