The main reason why you want to start a business with a blog is because you want to make money blogging.

You dream of all the things you can do with the extra cash.

Not only that but imagine all the freedom and control of your time.

Maybe you even want to be a full-time blogger.

There must be something that money-making blogs have in common and you want to know what these are.

But the thing is so many thoughts have been holding you back. 

Thoughts like…

  • What do you blog about?
  • There are just SO MANY BLOGGING TASKS to consider, so which task do you start with first?
  • Why do a lot of people recommend a self-hosted WordPress blog?
  • Or you might be thinking, “What is a self-hosted WordPress blog?”
  • The struggle is REAL when you try to set-up your blog because all that back-end and tech-stuff is intimidating.
  • How do you make your blog look professional?
  • And how do you make money blogging?

The list goes on… but this is where I stop you.

It’s time to STOP with the overthinking and START taking action.

Hi, I’m Izzy Matias, a full-time blogger, and creative entrepreneur.

I help content creators start a blog and build it into a creative business.

When started, I had no clue how to set up a WordPress blog and how it could even be profitable. Now I blog full-time.

I’ve been in the blogging industry for more than 10 years and I’m sharing with you the method that helped me set up my blog + biz for success.

So if you have ever wanted to:⁣
⚡️Set up a creative business (a.k.a. a money-making blog)
⚡️Learn how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog⁣
⚡️Cultivate a business mindset through blogging ⁣
⚡️Find out the different ways you can make money from your blog⁣ (hint: it’s more than just #sponsored posts! there are many ways you can make money with your blog!)

BUT you feel like… ⁣
❄️You don’t know how to start⁣
❄️You’re so overwhelmed with what to prioritize⁣
❄️You’re stuck with indecision ⁣

Then I know just the thing for you.



17 lessons that show you how to set up a blog strategically and craft your blogging business plan 

The 17 Lessons included in the class:

How to Start a Creative Business through Blogging + Your Class Project

 The Foundation of Your Creative Business

How to Cultivate a Business Mindset

Transform Your Doubts

How to Find the Problem to Solve in Your Business

The Tools You Need to Start a Creative Business

Study Your Community

Your Brand Name

Your Content Strategy

Your Promotion Strategy

Your Monetization Strategy

Which Blogging Tasks Should You Focus on First

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Ultimate Blog Post Formula

How to Set up Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Launch Your Creative Business

Your Next Steps

Course Bonus Worth $100

So are you ready to build that money-making blog you’ve been dreaming of?