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The Law Cafe Episode 6

The Law Cafe episode 6 covers a bullying case that becomes complicated while Yuri and Jung Ho’s relationship somewhat improve but how it will progress depends on Jung Ho’s honesty.

Trigger warning: death of a parent, pet murder, panic attacks, attempted suicide

Disclaimer: there are spoilers


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The Law Cafe Episode 6 synopsis

According to the synopsis in Viu, “The president of Dohan Constructions, Lee Pyun Woong, visits Yu Ri, asking to scout her. Jung Ho warns him again never to mess with her. A client comes to the Law Café, asking for details about juvenile law. Eun Gang senses that something’s off with him, so he follows him out.”

The Law Cafe Episode 6 reaction and discussion

I can’t stand the CEO of Dohan Construction. I can’t believe he had the audacity to go to Yuri’s cafe and do that. 

Like what did he think she would do? 

Also I can never tell if he’s being sarcastic, rude or sincere. 

Though I do have to say the actor who plays the CEO is doing a good job because I’ve seen him in other KDramas and right now all I see is his character. 

Dohan CEO really is pushing everyone’s buttons and even throwing Jung-Ho’s secret in his face.

However Yuri is getting closer to the secret of Jung-Ho because of some of the things the CEO said. 

Despite the tension and drama, this drama also has its funny moments. Like when they have to drag Yuri from her office to rest because she’s not feeling well. 

And she takes his rest time to read Jung-Ho’s novel. I wonder if she’ll be able to figure it out soon because doesn’t Jung-Ho have a shelf full of those novels in his apartment? Won’t she be able to put the two together? 

It’s also so funny when people find out that Jung-Ho used to be a prosecutor. They’re so shocked and amazed but also question why he’s now unemployed and a building owner instead. 

Speaking of which, he takes over giving legal advice at the law cafe but things don’t go so smoothly. 

Speaking of the novel, Yuri is fuming when she realises what’s written since the novel exposes the corruption of Dohan Construction – though if I remember correctly to avoid legal consequences he doesn’t use the name Dohan, but it’s a made up name but you can tell by the characteristics that it’s obviously about Dohan. 

Yuri wants to find out who wrote the novel and so does the CEO of Dohan. 

In terms of the romance, Yuri really expresses her intentions to Jung-Ho but he’s still rejecting her. 

It’s so frustrating because obviously he loves her and wants to be with her, but chooses not to because of guilt. 

Despite this, his actions say otherwise. He’s always there to help her. 

The only thing standing in his way is himself and him not being honest with Yuri about what’s holding himself back.

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Have you watched The Law Cafe episode 6? What do you think of it? 

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