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September Blogging Goals

Last August, I brought back my monthly review series

By sharing my progress online, I can stay more accountable. 

One of the more challenging parts of being your own boss is that you’re in charge of productivity. 

There’s no one to report your progress to or to hold you accountable for what you say you will accomplish this month. 

All right, so let’s begin this month’s review with a look back at what I set out to accomplish in August and what actually got done. 

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August Goals:

Let’s recap my blogging goals last August 2020:

Set up my low ticket funnel

While I didn’t get to roll out my low ticket funnel last August, I did make progress with the different parts of the funnel! 

The funnel requires three products, and last August, I was able to launch the Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar, which is part of the funnel. 

This goal will be moving to September.

Sell 3 Blog audit spots & launch it in my store. 

As mentioned in last month’s review, I was able to launch the blog audit in my store during the first week of August.

The amazing thing is in 1 week I managed to book two blog audit slots with two dream clients. And it felt so easy to meet that goal! 

I didn’t get to book the last slot, but that’s okay as I was swamped working on launching two projects alongside the audit reviews which were the free Jumpstart Your Consistency Challenge and the Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar

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Launch my content calendar template 

I’m happy I was able to accomplish this goal since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a year but wanted to test out my product before selling it! 

Before I made the product available, I made many tweaks and improvements depending on the needs of a blogger. 

It’s hard enough to have to juggle many hats as a blogger, and I wanted to help make the content creation process easier for other bloggers and creators so that they can be more consistent. 

And that’s why I launched the Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar–an editable content calendar template designed to help creatives manage their blog efficiently. 

Aside from having a fillable monthly calendar template, there are sheets to track your content strategy, goals, statistics and to create a content bank, so you never run out of ideas on what to post. 

I even added in 5 bonus templates which are the Blogging Task List, Income Tracker, Twitter Tracker, Pinterest Tracker and Instagram Hashtags Tracker. 

I also wanted to give extra value to my community, so together with the content calendar, I created a challenge to help them jumpstart their consistency!

Pin 5 pins daily 

I’ve come to realise and accept that Pinterest is not my priority lately. 

While yes, it’s worked for so many other bloggers on increasing their blog traffic, the energy it takes to create fresh pins daily is too much for me right now. 

Plus I can’t schedule 1 month’s worth of pins on the Pinterest platform. 

I used to use Tailwind, but I noticed that when I scheduled out almost two months of content on there, my impressions dropped and around that time was also when I got marked as spam, so that got me into a Pinterest funk. 

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped using Pinterest. 

I still do, but I’ve cut back on the number of fresh pins I create. 

I’m not letting it overwhelm me anymore. 

I am going to approach Pinterest with a more go-with-the-flow attitude and fix my mindset towards Pinterest first! 

September Blogging Goals

Now on to this month’s goals. 


Set up my low ticket funnel

This is a goal that’s moving over from last month. 

And I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish this one. 

All I’ve left to do is to create my advertisement and the actual funnel on Podia since I’ve been able to launch three products already. 

Make 5 affiliate sales of The Content Planner

It’s no secret that aside from using a digital content calendar, my favourite physical planning tool is The Content Planner

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen it in my feed or on my Instagram stories. 

Every year, The Content Planner releases a limited number of exclusive colour options.

Last year they had 2 colour options and a surprise midnight black edition that only had 100 pieces.

This year, they’re releasing 3 colour options plus improvements to the planner.

I love how Kat Gaskin, the founder of The Content Planner, really listens to her community’s feedback on the planner and applies product improvements for the next release.

This September 10, they’re releasing the 2021 edition and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Blush Planner & Fresh Linen Box which goes so well with my brand colours which are coral and teal.

Since I love the product, I signed up for the affiliate program and I’m hoping to make at least five affiliate sales of The Content Planner this month.

Wish me luck!!

Sell 20 copies of the Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar template. 

I’ve mentioned that I’ve wanted to release this digital calendar template for over a year.

Now that it’s finally launched, I’m so excited for the template to be able to help other bloggers and content creators be more organised and use it as a tool to be more consistent. 

Honestly, this content calendar was the reason why I was able to stay consistent, especially during the first few months of launching my blog – something that I was struggling so much in my previous music blogs. 

How I plan to achieve this is to continue showing up on Instagram stories daily, focusing on providing value to other bloggers and showing up with a “how can I be of service to others” attitude! 🙂


content calendar template

Plan out the rest of my content for the year 

While I do have a content bank of ideas, I haven’t plotted them out in my content calendar yet. 

I’ve been taking it month by month, but I want to be able at least to plot out all my blog posts until December, especially since I’m thinking of joining Blogmas this year. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of Blogmas, it’s a blogging challenge wherein you blog every day in December until Christmas (Eve or Day) or every day of December.

It’s a challenge to help grow your traffic, and I’m going to decide this month if it’s doable and if I’m going to take on the challenge.

I’ve wanted to try it out, but I’m afraid of burning out or getting overwhelmed with publishing a post a day since so much time goes into creating just one post. 

Though I know the best way to avoid burnout is to be able to plan and write the content ahead of time – maybe even as early as now. 

Ideally, I’d want my Blogmas content to be a series or related to an overarching theme. 

Have any of you participated in Blogmas before? What was your experience, and do you have any tips? 

September 2020 Goals Summary

  1. Set up my low ticket funnel
  2. Make five affiliate sales of The Content Planner
  3. Sell 20 copies of the Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar
  4. Plan out the rest of my content for 2020

And now over to you: what are your goals for this month?

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  1. It’s great to see how much progress you made on your goals! If you’re on the fence about blogmas, I definitely say go for it. I did it a couple of years ago and t’s a LOT of work, completely agree, but it’s great in terms of affiliate earnings 😉 x

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

    1. Thank you so much, Mia! I’m 90% decided on doing Blogmas but I’m putting my own spin to it meaning it won’t be Christmas content but something else :))