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KDrama Chat: The Law Cafe Episode 4

The Law Cafe episode 4 starts off intense (and not suitable for sensitive animal lovers too). There’s a new case that’s uncovered in this episode following the events that happened in previous episodes.

Trigger warning: death of a parent, pet murder, panic attacks, attempted suicide

Disclaimer: there are spoilers


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The Law Cafe Episode 4

The Law Cafe Episode 4 synopsis

According to the synopsis in Viu, “Yu Ri finds Nurungi killed in the café, and Jung Ho comes to rescue her. The police start looking into the case, but they can’t find the culprit. A new client asks Yu Ri how she can deal with a guy who lives next door who’s been stalking her. Later, the stalker shows up at the café and tells a surprising story.”

The Law Cafe Episode 4 reaction and discussion


Noooooo I just realised whose blood that was at the end of episode 3. And I couldn’t stomach it. I really couldn’t. I had to stop watching after a few minutes into episode 4. My heart. My heart breaks. 

It took me a day (or was it a few days) before I could continue watching this episode because of the pet MURDER. PET MURDER.

Who kills an innocent dog to make a statement?!

That crazy CEO of Dohan. Oh it just got so personal. I hate him. HATE.

How could he instruct someone to do that?! 

To be honest, I almost stopped watching The Law Cafe because of this. I do not take pet deaths lightly… imagine when it’s a pet murder.

As an empath, I feel deeply and even if this is just fiction (and no actual dogs were murdered), my heart still breaks.

More than what I went through watching romantic comedy KDrama 2521. Don’t get me started on that drama too. 

After I had time to step away to feel my feelings, I gave the episode a chance. To see if there are any more heartbreaks like this. 

In the next scene, Jung-Ho lets Yu-ri stay in his room for the night because she was traumatised by the sight (AND WHO WOULDN’T BE TRAUMATIZED?! Sorry still not over it). 

It’s the next day and they’re bickering (once again!) in front of everyone in the cafe because Jung-Ho tells her to stay with him.

Yu-ri doesn’t want because he’s a man and she’s a woman.

But he says they’re like brother and sister. I was rolling my eyes when he said this. He already admitted it to us in the first episode that he’s liked her for 17 years. Pffft. 

And it’s funny because everyone is so shocked at the fact that Yu-ri stayed over Jung-Ho’s. And they already think there’s something going on with them romantically. 

It gets funnier when Yu-ri’s mom overhears Jung-Ho saying he and Yu-ri sleep in the same bed and her mom smacks Jung-Ho and runs after Yu-ri.

Later on we find out she actually wants her daughter and Jung-Ho to end up together hahaha! 

Apparently the CEO didn’t tell his minion to kill the dog but STILL. That guy is heartless for killing a dog!

But what’s the CEO up to now that he learns that Yu-ri is the daughter of the employee they framed during the fire incident years ago?

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Have you watched The Law Cafe episode 4? What do you think of it? 

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